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Caribbean Sun - Acne Therapy Lamp

Caribbean Sun - Acne Therapy Lamp

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Info: 1 Acne Therapy Light

Info: 1 Acne Therapy Light

The Caribbean Sun Lamp uses LED lamps of a very specific wavelength to help treat acne.  FDA approved and recommended by doctors, this therapeutic lamp uses a blue light to destroy acne causing bacteria while a red light soothes and heals the skin.

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Product Notes:

First Blue, then Red Light: The blue light is effective in clearing the bacteria (known as P. acne) in the skin that causes pimples, sores and outbreaks. The blue light essentially acts as a skin cleanser followed up with the red light which speeds up the healing process by almost 190 to 200%. Model CSB-RB glowing redRed light therapy rejuvenates and revitalizes skin inspiring a healthy glow, much similar to the benefits of moderate and healthy sun exposure.

CSB-RB: Light weight and compact with a 6 foot cord, this therapeutic sun lamp is easy to take anywhere with you, and can take up no space at all on your desk or countertop, since it sits on a folding stand (included). This 1-panel, UV-shielded, LED Technology Lamp has a low 12 watt power consumption and operates on all voltages worldwide, ranging from 110V to 220 V AC, with no adapter required.

Dimensions: 5.5 by 9 by 1.25 inch panel; Weight: 2 lbs. 2 oz.

Model RB-Pro

RB-Pro: This two-panel therapeutic sun lamp is angled atop an adjustable stand for perfect personal coverage. With a UV shield this LED Technology Lamp has a low 24 watt power consumption and operates on anything from 110V to 220V AC.

Dimensions: Two 5.5 by 9 by 1 inch panels, weighing 4.5 lbs.

Both models come equipped with a stand and a pair of protective eye goggles. Any time you sit close to the light source, it's important to protect your eyes with the goggles.

1 Year Warranty.

Suggested Usage:

Start out with 10 minutes a day, every other day sitting about 10 inches from the lamp. After the first week you can increase your sessions to every day, being mindful to take a day off around day 3 or 4.


As with all medical devices of this nature, we recommend that you seek the advice of your physician before using it for any extended time. Each individual's light sensitivity may vary. People taking light-sensitive drugs, or who have a history of bipolar disorder, or who have glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, or who are at risk for diabetes should consult their physician prior to using this light. Use of protective goggles is required. Please note that no known adverse effect of light therapy have been found in eye examinations of photo-therapy patients to date.

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