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Baudelaire - Cedar Complexion Brushes

Baudelaire - Cedar Complexion Brushes

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Info: Available with or without a handle

A good brush for cleaning in the bath or shower is necessary not only for ensuring your body stays clean, but also for encouraging good blood circulation, and Baudelaire's Japanese-style brushes are designed to do both. Made from renewable cedar and natural boar bristles, these brushes are soft enough to be comfortable yet also firm enough to do a thorough, invigorating job in the shower – for harder to reach areas, choose the 9" brush with a handle, and for areas you can reach with your hand, choose the palm-sized 2" brush. Better yet, choose both, and alternate between them depending on your needs.

Renewable cedar and natural boar bristles.

Suggested Usage:

Rinse with clean cool water after each use, shake it out, and hang to dry (for the one with a handle).

 Barcode for the 2 inch version (with a 1.5 inch cedar wood head, without a handle): 792703138349

Barcode for the 9 inch version (including the 5 inch cedar wood handle and the rope loop at end): 792703138356.

Product Options:
2 inch brushhead (with no handle) - $9.99 - UPC: 792703138349
9 inch, with handle and rope loop - $12.99 - UPC: 792703138356