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Gourmet Kosher Celtic Sea Salt, 227g shaker
Gourmet Kosher Celtic Sea Salt features and Nutrition Facts
Gourmet Kosher Celtic Sea Salt 454g bag

Celtic Sea Salt

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Info: Delicate Salt Crystals in 227g Shaker Bottle or 454 g (1 lb) Resealable Bag

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Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt is the most trusted sea salt brand in America and has been producing several varieties for nearly 50 years. We're sure you'll find this to be a very tasty, attractive, nutritious, and versatile salt, eminently suitable not only for cooking, baking salt-curing, or pickling with but also for applying directly onto food as the final, finishing step: whether on sweet chocolates, desserts, or fruits, or savory steaks or salads.

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Celtic Sea Salt Winnipeg

We carry Celtic Sea Salt for local Winnipeg shoppers. These products are usually available to ship by special order, but due to their weight, extra costs are likely to apply. Please contact us for more information.

Selina Naturally Gourmet Kosher Celtic Sea Salt

Not all salts are alike in their production and composition. Most land-based table salt is mined and processed with heavy equipment and high heat and subsequently lacks much in the way of trace mineral content.

Celtic Sea Salt is sustainably hand-harvested from pristine coastal regions and is only dried by the sun, so as to retain the full complement of trace minerals and electrolytes our bodies can use. And while conventional salt producers often add artificial drying and anti-caking ingredients to make it flow better, Selina Naturally (formerly known as The Grain & Salt Society) does not use any additives at all.

This particular variety of salt is oriented both to home gourmets as well as to commercial food producers or restaurants or culinary chefs. Rather than being the fine grains of typical table salt which don't serve well as a finishing topping, or coarse grains that may require grinding or extra time or stirring to dissolve, this all-natural gourmet quality sea salt is a "Semi-Coarse" type.

It features delicate salt crystals with enough integrity in their crystalline structure to provide a strong crunch when sprinkled on as a topping as-is, and enough residual moisture content to enable it to be crushed easily between your fingers if you want to sprinkle it on a bit finer, plus it dissolves easily, in both high and low temperatures. And naturally, like all the other Celtic Sea Salt varieties, it has a full, rich flavour and a very diverse mineral content.


Unrefined Sea Salt. (No added iodide.) Radiation-free and Tested.

Raw. Kosher Certified. Packaged in a cGMP certified facility. Approved for 100% organic processing.

Product of Guatemala.

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