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Chef'n Freshforce Big Spoon
Chef'n FreshForce Large Cooking or Serving Spoons
Chef'n Freshforce Pasta Spoon
Chef'n Freshforce Pasta Spoon head
Chef'n Freshforce Serving Spoon
close-up of Freshforce Slotted Spoon head showing silicone scraping edge
Chef'n - FreshForce Large Spoons
Chef'n FreshForce Slotted Spoon
Chef'n Freshforce Ladle head
Chef'n FreshForce Scoop Colander
Two positions of Scoop Colander Collapsible Head

Chef'n - FreshForce Large Spoons

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Info: BPA-free, Available in Several Types

Chef'n's FreshForce spoon utensils are BPA-free and heat resistant, with large handles (most are about 9 inches long, after the 3 or 3-1/2 inch diameter heads, and the Big Spoon handle is 11 inches long) to enable them to work even in the largest pots, and to protect you from scalding.

Info: BPA-free, Available in Several Types

Chef'n's FreshForce spoon utensils are BPA-free and heat resistant, with large handles (most are about 9 inches long, after the 3 or 3-1/2 inch diameter heads, and the Big Spoon handle is 11 inches long) to enable them to work even in the largest pots, and to protect you from scalding.

Product Notes:

Available Chef'n utensil options include a pasta serving spoon which works great for serving either long or short pasta, can be used in boiling water, and is safe for non-stick cookware; slotted or serving spoons with silicone scraping edges to avoid scratching; an unconventionally triangle-shaped deep ladle which makes a powerful tool for scooping and pouring; and an extra long big spoon that holds a lot of food, which is ideal for stock and soup pots. They're all top-rack dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended for some of them.

Big Spoons: There, simmering on the oven range, stands your biggest soup pot. It's a really tall and wide pot because this is the biggest batch of soup you've ever made. You wanted to make fresh hearty soup from good healthy ingredients, so you grabbed a pot, put your products in, and you've been cooking it. Because this is a big batch, you can't burn it or cook it unevenly. So you grab your Chef'n FreshForce Big Spoon and you plunge it to the bottom of the pot. You grip firmly and begin to drag the vegetables from the floor of the pot to the top, mixing and stirring. The smell of your soup wafts up at you and it smells just great. You decide to taste it, by bringing a bit of soup out using the Chef'n FreshForce Big Spoon, which is 16 inches long altogether, and over 3 inches wide. Once it touches your tongue, you know - you know you've got a great batch of soup thanks to this BPA-free, dishwasher safe Big Spoon.

Or you're hosting a dinner party, and you've been working hard on this soup all week, selecting the right fresh healthy ingredients, some grown from your own garden. You’ve prepared them just right, and you’ve had this chunky thick soup simmering all day. You’re proud of your accomplishment and you look forward to ladling the soup into bowls for your guests. Because your soup is thick and chunky, you want a ladle that's strong, powerful, and able to get into corners. Thankfully, you have the Chef'n FreshForce Ladle, a large (over a foot long, altogether), handy and strong tool made with BPA free material. It has a deep spoon (up to 2-1/2 inches deep) for holding a ton of your delicious hearty soup, and it has a triangle shape, to help you gather up the waylaid ingredients pushed into corners. The FreshForce Ladle is safe and gentle on your non-stick cookware and it is an investment in your own cooking. You work hard and you deserve the tools that will work hard with you.

The FreshForce Pasta Spoon has a versatile design making it perfect for serving both long and short types of pasta. Its 1.5 to 2.5 cm slots and prongs gather up generous portions of the long types such as spaghetti, fettuccine, or angel hair, and its deep spoon with a drainage slot is terrific for scooping up penne or bow tie or other short pastas, too. The working end is made of nylon to be safe for non-stick cookware, and is heat resistant up to 400F/204C, so the pasta can be scooped immediately out of the boiling water, or used to stir while cooking, as well.

Although not technically a spoon, the FreshForce Scoop Colander has that as one of its main functions. Imagine you're boiling eggs and you need to get them out without dunking your hands in the red-hot water. Sure, you could try to scoop them out with a ladle, but then you’d still have eggs floating in water. Of course, you could pour out all the water into a colander, instead, but you what if you still need to boil more eggs (or something else). Enter the Scoop Colander to save the day. It scoops directly from the water and strains the item, leaving your hands protected and your water still boiling. Its work end is heat resistant up to a staggering 400°F (204°C) and it is easy to wash by hand or in the top rack of the dishwasher. Once it’s cleaned, it's effortless to collapse the head down so it lays flat for storage, so you can tuck it away for the next time. Dimensions: 14-1/4 inches long, altogether; the head is about 6 inches long, and up to about 4 inches wide inside.

Cooking is an art, and, like any art, it can be tricky to categorize some of its best creations. Yet regular kitchen tools and implements are usually designed as though cooking were a science - a particular implement is made with a narrow cooking purpose in mind, and so multiple implements are needed for each task, taking up space in your kitchen while never quite being the unique kitchen tools you're looking for. For instance, some foods may be of a consistency that requires a spoon rather than a spatula or scraper, but may still get stuck on cookware, in which case you do want a scraper. Chef'n's Slotted or Serving spoons with Silicone Scraping Edges are the answer to this problem. Made by kitchen artists for kitchen artists, these spoons have all the features of regular slotted and serving spoons, but also have a unique silicone scraper edge for those instances in which a regular spoon doesn't quite do the job. Yes, you can use your regular scrapers and spoons in tandem - but why would you, when you can enjoy the artistry and efficiency of Chefn's kitchen spoons? These two-in-one utensils are safe for non-stick cookware, top-rack dishwasher safe, and heat-resistant up to 400°F (205°C).

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Pasta Spoon - $7.49 - UPC: 838485018759
Serving Spoon - $9.99 - UPC: 838485018667
Slotted Spoon - $9.99 - UPC: 838485018674
Scoop Colander with Collapsible Head - $14.99 - UPC: 0838485018636