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Info: Available in Several Types

Kitchen tasks go much easier when you have the right tool for the job. Chef'n, which was founded in Seattle in 1985 by a fan of cooking shows, produces a wide range of specialized utensils and gadgets designed to be just right for the task at hand.

Info: Available in Several Types

Kitchen tasks go much easier when you have the right tool for the job. Chef'n, which was founded in Seattle in 1985 by a fan of cooking shows, produces a wide range of specialized utensils and gadgets designed to be just right for the task at hand.

Product Notes:

ZeelPeel Orange Peeler

The ZeelPeel Orange Peeler makes peeling citrus easy, without chipping or taxing your fingernails. Made of BPA-free plastic, and shaped somewhat like a bottle opener, this lightweight tool with a rounded ergonomic handle makes it easy to penetrate the peel and quickly remove it in sections without needing to claw at it with your fingernails or leaving rind in them. Just pierce the rind into sections with the "mini-hook" at its tip, then lift a section of peel with one of its tapered corners, and slip it into the slot, and keep sliding around the fruit to completely remove the peel. Dimensions: 5 inches long, and up to 3 inches wide

Peel'n Onion Peeler

Similarly, the Chef'n Peel'n Onion Peeler is a small BPA-free plastic device designed to remove the skins from onions while minimizing odor to your fingernails or hands, because with it you only have to hold the exterior layer at the bottom in one hand while cutting and separating the peel with the other.

Just use the small sharp hook at the tip of the tool to score two lines into the peel from the top to the bottom to form a wedge, then insert the tapered corner of the tool to separate the peel in that slice, and fold it down. This tool is mainly white, with purple trim, and is actually the same size and shape as the orange peeler (it just lacks the slot in the middle).

Strawberry Slicester & Huller

Do you love strawberries? Strawberry tarts? Strawberry smoothies? Strawberries in your breakfast cereal? Of course you do; strawberries are delicious. But cutting them can be a bit time-consuming and a bit dangerous because you might cut yourself.

The Strawberry Slicester from Chefn will enable you to enjoy your favourite strawberry items without spending all that time cutting. It only takes seconds. Simply insert the strawberry (after removing the hull) into the hopper, and squeeze the handles together so the fruit is pushed through the stainless steel blades, which are faced inwards so you won't accidentally cut yourself.

Speaking of: Strawberry hulling doesn't have to be time-consuming or risky, either. The StemGem Strawberry Huller is one of Chef'n's most popular products for good reason. Its space-ship like design in bright, strawberry-mimicking colours makes an otherwise arduous task fun, fast, and safe. It has a push-button, spring-activated set of claws to penetrate, surround and grasp the stem, and easily pull out the hull and leaves after giving it a bit of a twist.

Hullster Tomato Corer

Similarly, the Chef'n Hullster Tomato Corer is another cute-looking ingenious device designed to quickly and easily remove the tops and cores of tomatoes - both large and small (including cherry tomatoes).

Simply push the large top button to extend the four serrated stainless steel blades wide enough to surround the core of the tomato, push down, and then release the button and twist the whole unit up to hull it cleanly. Perfect for making stuffed tomatoes, or for preparing many tomatoes at once for use in salads or for canning.

Angled Head of Chef'n Kiwee Tool

Kiwee Tool

Kiwi fruit is a super rich source of vitamins C, D and E and fibre. Problem is, they have that hairy fuzzy skin that can be quite tough to peel without sacrificing chunks of the nutritious fruit inside.

The Chef'n Kiwee 2-in-1 Kiwi Tool will save the day for anybody who has ever tried to carefully peel without losing any fruit. On one end, there's a serrated cutting edge to cut the kiwi clean in half. The other end has a contoured scoop edge to insert and scoop the delicious fruit out of each half. Dimensions: 8-1/2 inches long altogether, including the 3-1/4 inch long angled head.


Switchit is Chef'n's line of 2-in-1 cooking implements, which save on both drawer space and stove or counter top work space by including a different-sized of functional head on each end, to double their capacity. They're made of BPA-free silicone, which is highly heat-resistant, quite strong and durable, yet soft enough to work with glass or non-stick cookware without scratching, and of course it won't rust. They're also stain-resistant and easy to clean, whether by hand or on the top rack of the dishwasher. They may come either in arugula (lime green) colour, blue, or cherry red.

The Switchit Mini Spoon is perfect for getting into small-mouthed jars and containers to pull out olives or pickled onions, for example, and also works well as a serving spoon. Dimensions: 8 inches long, altogether, with the smaller end being slightly over 3/4 of an inch across, and is quite shallow, while the larger end is slightly under 1-1/2 inches across and up to about half an inch deep.

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ZeelPeel Orange Peeler - $6.99 - UPC: 0838485020523
Peel'n Onion Peeler - $5.99 - UPC: 838485021278
Mushroom Scrub Brush - $7.99 - UPC: 838485019565
Strawberry Slicester - $14.99 - UPC: 0838485013457
StemGem Strawberry Huller - $6.49 - UPC: 0838485013495
Hullster Tomato Corer - $9.99 - UPC: 838485021292
Kiwee 2-in-1 Kiwi Tool - $4.49 - UPC: 838485008651
Switchit Dual-Headed Silicone Mini-Spoon - $5.99 - UPC: 838485022879