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Collis-Curve - Curved Bristle Toothbrush
Collis-Curve - Curved Bristle Toothbrush
Collis-Curve - Curved Bristle Toothbrush

Collis-Curve - Curved Bristle Toothbrush

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Info: Various Types and Colours Available

Collis-curve brush wrapping around a Tooth

Clean all three sides of your teeth at the same time. Curved bristles wrap around teeth to remove plaque and clean much more effectively than straight bristle brushes (which is why dental hygienists' instruments have curved heads).

Product Notes:

Collis-Curve brushes are easier to use and require less range of motion than conventional toothbrushes -- as long as you can move it backwards and forwards, Collis brushes can provide a thorough cleaning -- which makes them quite useful not only for people with joint pain or disabilities, but also perfect for caregivers who are brushing someone else's teeth.

Collis-Curve: A breakthrough in preventive dentistry and a leader against dental disease

Clinical tests have shown that curved-bristle toothbrush designs are more effective at massaging gums and removing plaque than ordinary straight bristle brushes are. The reason is simple: our teeth themselves are curved, so straight bristles have difficulty reaching all areas, especially at the gumline.

Baby's (Green cap to container): has a very small head (about 3/4" long and 1/4 to 1/3 inch wide for the whole head, with rows of actual bristles) and is a little over 4-3/4" long, altogether. It is good for infants right from the appearance of the first tooth and for younger children up to about age 6.

Child's (Blue cap to container): has a smaller head (about 1") and is about 5" long. Good for those about 6 years old and up.

Soft (Clear cap to container): designed to very gently massage the gum line to increase its circulation, this brush is good for novice users; those with sensitive gums (including those which bleed with ordinary brushing); or those on chemotherapy or with post-operative conditions. Its bristles are 15/32 inch/1.19 cm long.

Medium (Black cap to container): this has slightly stiffer bristles, and is recommended more for those who are already accustomed to Collis-Curve brushes, and have very healthy gums, which it will massage. Its bristles are also 1.19 cm long. It can also be used to clean braces.

Periodontal (Red cap to container): for those with periodontal pockets (spaces between the gums and teeth); recessed gums; long or longer teeth; or significant dental appliances such as braces, crowns, caps, implants, these brushes have slightly longer (1.27 cm) curved bristles to gently reach around those areas.

Colours: Collis Curved toothbrushes come in a variety of colours, including white, red, green, purple, and turquoise; unfortunately, they don't have barcodes distinguishing each type, so they can't be ordered by a specific colour.

Video Transcription (from above)

In the past twenty years, dentistry has gone through many changes. One of the most important is the curved bristle toothbrush. The curved bristle brush was developed by Dr. George Collis, a Minneapolis Dentist, in the 1970s and has been on the market since 1981. It is sold throughout the United States and twenty foreign countries. The curved bristle brushes all surfaces at once and is truly the answer to effective tooth brushing.

Plaque is something we hear a lot about these days. Plaque is the culprit that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Effective plaque removal is a must in promoting good dental health. By placing the brush on the teeth at the corner tooth, the curved bristles brush all surfaces at once. They effectively clean along the gum line, removing plaque on the tongue side and cheek sides of your teeth. There is less chance of gagging because the brush doesn't get in the way of your tongue and the bristles reach the upper molars to efficiently remove hard to reach plaque. A circular scrub can be used as a finishing motion or as the first step in spreading paste over the teeth.

Product Options:
Soft (Clear Container Cap) - $8.99
Medium (Black Container Cap) - $8.99
Child's (Blue cap on container) - $8.99
Baby's (Green Container Cap) - $8.99
Periodontal (Red Container Cap) - $8.99