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Garnish, Core & Peel (3-Piece Set)
Fat-Separating Spoon
Ceramic Garlic Keeper
3 Piece Grater Plate Set (Olive Design, Green Trim)
Pizza Grip Tongs
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Powder Shaker
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Info: Several Types Available

"At Cooks Innovations, we design, manufacture and distribute truly unique problem-solvers for the home, emphasizing on kitchen gadgets that will make your life easier, save time, and provide a better way to cook." You can get several types of specialized kitchen implements produced and/or distributed by Cooks Innovations here to improve your efficiency.

Info: Several Types Available

"At Cooks Innovations, we design, manufacture and distribute truly unique problem-solvers for the home, emphasizing on kitchen gadgets that will make your life easier, save time, and provide a better way to cook." You can get several types of specialized kitchen implements produced and/or distributed by Cooks Innovations here to improve your efficiency.

Product Notes:

Fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest and most natural sources of nutrients. But they can be time-consuming to prepare and difficult to implement regularly into your diet without something like the Garnish, Core & Peel set from Cooks Innovations. With everything you need not only to prepare fruit and vegetables, but also to make them beautiful, this set will make you want to eat more produce in every meal. It includes a Julienne Peeler, a Garnish Peeler, and an Apple Corer, all made from a combination of ABS and stainless steel, plus an instruction booklet.

The garnish peeler's extra-sharp, extra-fine serrated double blade enables you to peel with both up and down motions for efficiency and speed, while its U and V shaped decorating knives which can flip out of its handle enable you to cut vegetables and fruits in fancy shapes and patterns. The other peeler is for making julienne slices, and you can use the corer not only for coring apples, but also for holding fruits and vegetables while you peel them.

Fat-Separating Spoon

Similarly, after cooking a turkey or roast, nothing's more mouthwatering than using their fresh juices to add flavour to items in your meal, or to make gravy, but without the right implement, it can be difficult to isolate the juices from the fat while they're still hot. That's what makes the Cooks Innovations Fat-Separating Spoon so useful. With its double lip, the upper barrier holds back the fat that floats to the top, while the spout pours the juice that sinks to the bottom.

Use the spoon to serve juice fresh, or use it to separate the juices from the fats when making fresh gravy. A must-have for holiday feasts and more regular dinners alike, you won't regret having this spoon in your kitchen. Again, it's made of high-grade, dishwasher-safe stainless steel.

Garlic Keeper & Plate Set

If garlic is your thing, Cooks Innovations offers two types of items for storing and working with that wonderful condiment. If you use garlic regularly, you know that storing the heads for maximum shelf life can be tricky. Too much sunlight may cause them to sprout, yet enclosed spaces that keep the light out sometimes also keep out the air circulation needed to let the garlic "breathe" - otherwise it may either sprout prematurely or become mouldy. Cooks Innovations has the perfect solution for this problem.

The lid of the Ceramic Garlic Keeper keeps light out while letting air circulate through the four holes in the side (which are a half-inch in diameter). This ensures your garlic will have the longest shelf-life possible, and with room for four heads, you'll always have a ready supply of garlic cloves on hand for cooking. This item, which is made of fine quality, lead-safe ceramic, is safe for the dishwasher, oven, and microwave.

The jar is slightly over 3 inches high (not including the lid, which makes it 4-1/2 inches high, altogether), and between about 3 inches and 4 inches in diameter (it tapers at the bottom).

But what's the most efficient way of dealing with those optimally stored garlic heads? Well, with the Grater Plate Set from IMCG/Cooks Innovations, you'll be well prepared to deal with a host of grating needs. The silicone peeler tube lets you quickly peel the skins off garlic without needing a knife, and the plate enables you not only to easily grate garlic, but other condiments and ingredients such as ginger, cheese, chocolate, nutmeg, onion, lemons, and limes.

Each set includes: a ceramic grating plate (5" diameter), a silicone garlic peeler, and a gathering brush. The brush enables you to collect the gratings in one place, and the plate and brush together are a great way to serve ready-to-grate condiments at any party or meal. Grating doesn't get any fresher than this!

And what might you do with all that garlic? Why, garnish a pizza, of course. But are you tired of getting scalded when dishing out piping-hot pizza? Or frustrated when you go to serve guests pizza, only to find the pieces stuck together, so you have to rudely yank them apart and dirty them with your fingers? Now you no longer have to wrestle with your pizza or deal with burns; Cooks Innovations has made a set of Pizza Grip Tongs to suit your needs exactly.

Made from high grade stainless steel, they're like a regular pizza server on the main floor, but have a handy grip feature on the end of the upper handle suspended above that, which you can press down with your thumb. By using this grip - a sort of "Mini-Me" triangular server suspended above the main one, to work in tandem with it - you can grasp the pizza firmly without using your fingers. That means no more burns, no sliding off, and no more awkwardness about touching someone else's slice of pizza when serving guests!

Baking Powder Shaker

By now you're ready for some dessert. And what could go better with dessert than lovely icing sugar or cinnamon or cacao powder as a topping? But how to apply just the right amount of those in a light dusting across a surface without it arriving in clumps? Here's where the Powder Shaker (also called the Powder Duster) can help.

Use it to sprinkle icing sugar, flour, cacao, cinnamon, or other powdered toppings on your pancakes, cakes, or other foods. Enjoy one of the frills of a restaurant on your own nutritional home cooked food! This item is made in Greece by Svim, a European brand Cooks Innovations partners with. The shaker's container is slightly over 3-1/2 inches high and over 2-1/2 inches in diameter, and can hold 300 ml (slightly over 10 fluid ounces). It and the top's screw-on retaining ring are made of plastic, while the fine mesh 1-inch dome sprinkling screen is made of stainless steel.

Zip Whisk

Finally, there are some things you can whisk by hand, while for some recipes, you'll likely need an electric mixer. But for the in-between kind of jobs, there's Cooks Innovations' Zip Whisk. Perfect for those recipes and tasks that require just a little more hand-mixing than is practical, this device is great for mixing omelettes and smoothies, as well as for whipping cream, preparing mayonnaise, and frothing milk.

Fourteen inches long and made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel, the Zip Whisk is particularly easy to use. Simply position it so the end of the whisk rests on the bottom of your mixing bowl. When you move the handle gently up and down, the whisk rotates, whisking your ingredients with minimal effort. Just be sure to use a suitable size and strength glass or plastic bowl for mixing. Pushing the handle down rotates the whisk. By the same moderate upward and downward movement on the handle you can mix like a pro, and all without the use of batteries.

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3 Piece Grater Plate Set (Olive Design, Green Trim) - $17.99 - UPC: 890906000156
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Powder Shaker - $8.99 - UPC: 5201854030136
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