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Curelle - Natural Conditioner (Riche/Treslite)
Close-ups of bottles of Curelle Treslite and Riche Natural Conditioners

Curelle - Natural Conditioner (Riche/Treslite)

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UPC Code: 770780010154

Info: Available in 250 or 500 ml Capped Bottles

Conditioners are supposed to restore your hair to health after you wash it - which makes it all the more troubling when they're packed full of synthetic and possibly toxic ingredients, as are so many standard mass-market products. But with Curelle, you don't have to worry. Formulated from plant-derived ingredients, Curelle conditioner doesn't contain carcinogens such as nitrosamines, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, or dioxane. Available in two types - Riche for hair requiring body, protein, and amino nourishment, and Trèslite for a lighter, softening touch - Curelle conditioner is the natural way to keep your hair healthy!

Product Notes:

TRESLITE and RICHE Conditioners - What's The Difference?

Riche is a rich, concentrated conditioner with oat amino acids to help strengthen hair. It helps to balance hair whether air is humid or dry, adjusting to different humidity level. You can make it less rich by applying less, and by rinsing it off more quickly. It helps to detangle most hair types. It can also be used as a leave in conditioner.

Treslite performs like a medium to light conditioner, helping to detangle, and it can also be left in. It doesn't coat hair as much as Riche, so it's typically better suited for thinner, finer hair. However, this is just a guideline, as everyone wants their hair to look and feel differently than the next person, even if they have the same hair type. The richer a conditioner, the more it can weigh hair down. Treslite has a low pH to help close the cuticle quicker without the extra conditioning which Riche has.

Curelle conditioners are of course unscented, and there are only a few ingredients in them, which allows the active ingredients to perform better. Curelle doesn't add oils to these conditioners, since oils can attract and dirt and other particles to them, making your hair dirtier more quickly.

The one word most women use to describe how they like Riche Conditioner is 'love'. While there is no one conditioner in the world that works for everyone to make their hair look and feel the way they would like it to be, Riche Conditioner has a large following who swear by it, and have so since Riche was first launched.


Riche Conditioner: Aqua/Distilled Water; Behentrimonium Methosulphate** (from Colza oil); Hydrolysed Oats/Avena Sativa; Cetearyl Alcohol (non-drying); Lonicera japonica.

Treslite Conditioner: Aqua/Distilled Water; Behentrimonium Methosulphate** (from Colza oil); Cetearyl Alcohol (non-drying); Lonicera japonica; Citric Acid.

**Behentrimonium Methosulphate is not related to sodium or ammonium lauryl sulphate.

Barcodes for each type:

  • 770780010154 - Riche Conditioner, 250ml/8.5 fl oz
  • 770780010185 - Riche Conditioner, 500ml/17 fl oz
  • 770780010192 - Treslite Conditioner, 250ml/8.5 fl oz
  • 770780010215 - Treslite Conditioner, 500ml/17 fl oz


UPC Code: 770780010154