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Danesco - Odor Remover

Danesco - Odor Remover

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This elegant oval of brushed stainless steel effectively removes odors caused by food preparation from your hands quickly and easily. Simply use it like a bar of soap under or in cold water for about 30 seconds: just rub your hands on the Odor Remover and let the lingering smells of fish, garlic, and onions disappear. (It may also work without water if your hands are already quite wet or greasy from cooking, but it doesn't work when your hands are dry.) You don't even need to wash with -- or smell like -- soap after!


The Danesco Odor Remover is palm-sized: 2-1/2 inches wide by 1-3/4" and over a half inch thick in the middle.


Brushed stainless steel

Suggested Usage:

To remove odours from fingers and hands, just rub hands with the Odor Remover in cold water. No need for smelly or harsh soaps.

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