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The Diva Cup - Reusable Menstrual Cup

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Clean. Comfortable. Convenient. 100% silicone - with no latex, rubber, plastic, or BPA - The DivaCup is a more natural way of working with your cycle. Simply empty it and clean it 2-3 times every 24 hours, and discover the freedom of not having to worry about carrying and disposing of other products. And best of all, it will get you through all your favourite or necessary experiences and activities - it's perfect for sports and athletics as well as letting you sleep uninterrupted through the night.

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Product Notes:

12-hour leak-free protection and ultimate comfort

Model 1 is for women under 30 years of age who have not delivered a baby, either vaginally or by C-section.

Model 2 is for women over 30 and for those who have delivered vaginally or by c-section.

Clean. Comfortable. Convenient. The Diva Cup is the freedom you've been looking for!

Video Transcript

Let's face it, period care isn't really the first thing on our minds. But did you know that a clean, comfortable, and convenient solution exists? Let me introduce you to The Diva Cup. It offers women of all ages 12 hours of leak-free protection, giving you peace of mind all day long, even overnight. How great is that? It's perfect for all daily activities, and travel too.

I feel good that The Diva Cup is made from 100% healthcare grade silicone and is free from chemicals, plastics, and dyes. Because it's reusable, you'll save money and help protect the environment. The Diva Cup is easy to use. Unlike tampons, it's inserted low in the vaginal canal. Simply use one of the fold options and insert into the vaginal canal as recommended in the handy user guide. When inserted correctly, you can't even feel it. It's brilliant.

Diva Cup Insertion - How to Insert and Remove The DivaCup - Instructional Video Transcript

Are you thinking about making the switch to The DivaCup but still unsure? Switching to The DivaCup will change the way you think about and care for your period.

What exactly is The DivaCup and how does it work?

Launched worldwide in 2003, The DivaCup is a revolutionary alternative to tampons or pads. It's a reusable menstrual cup made out of healthcare-grade silicone, and is free of chemicals, plastics, and dyes. Ideal for women and girls of all ages, The DivaCup offers 12 hours of leak-free protection, is easy to use, and is incredibly comfortable. Because it eliminates the need to buy a variety of disposable products in endless absorbancies, shapes, and sizes, it's more convenient and saves you money.

The DivaCup is great for overnight, a day at school or at work, and is perfect for travel, sports, swimming, and life on the go. The DivaCup is available in two sizes. Model 1 is recommended for women under the age of 30 who have not delivered vaginally or by c-section. It's also a great option for young girls just starting their period. Model 2 is recommended for women over the age of 30 and/or for women who have delivered vaginally or by c-section, regardless of age.

Now that we have an idea of what The DivaCup is, let's talk about how to use it. Unlike tampons and other menstrual cups, The DivaCup is inserted low in the vaginal canal and sits away from the cervix. The first thing you should do before inserting or removing The DivaCup is read and understand the user guide, as it has everything you need to know about insertion, removal, and cleaning your DivaCup. Before insertion, wash your hands and The DivaCup with warm water and the DivaWash, a pH-balanced and plant-based wash that can also be used for your face and body.

To insert The DivaCup, fold it using either the u-fold or the push-down fold.

In a comfortable position, either standing, sitting on the toilet, or squatting, and with your vaginal muscles relaxed, gently separate the labia and insert the folded DivaCup into your vagina, aiming it horizontally toward your tailbone. The DivaCup will gradually unfold as you insert it, so be sure to continue with the insertion until the stem is even with the vaginal opening and does not protrude. It's important not to push the stem further than half an inch, as inserting The DivaCup too high may cause leaks and may also make removal more difficult.

Once The DivaCup is inserted, you need to create the seal to avoid any leaks. This is done by gripping the base of the cup, not the stem, and turning the cup one full rotation 360 degrees in either direction. If The DivaCup does not rotate easily, it may not be completely unfolded or inserted at the right angle. Once inserted, if the cup is still not completely unfolded, try sliding your finger along the outside of the cup. This will create space for the cup to fully unfold, making rotation easier, and will create the proper seal.

That's it. Simply fold, insert, rotate, and seal. With a bit of practice, this is quick and easy, and will only take a few moments. When The DivaCup is inserted correctly, you should not feel it, and it should not leak. The best part about it is that you can leave it in for up to 12 hours at a time. Most women find that the cup is not even half full after 12 hours. For those with heavier flows, simply empty your cup more often. The DivaCup must be emptied, washed, and reinserted every 10 to 12 hours, a minimum of two to three times per day, and can be worn overnight without concern of leaking. Most women prefer to empty it in the morning and again in the evening.

When it's time to remove The DivaCup, find a comfortable position, and with your vaginal muscles relaxed, grip the stem until you can reach the base of the cup. To release the seal, squeeze the cup and pull down gently while moving it from side to side to release the seal until your cup is fully removed. Make sure to hold the cup upright so that the contents remain inside. Then simply empty the cup into the toilet. Some women also find it convenient to remove and empty The DivaCup in the shower. Make sure to wash your DivaCup with warm water and the DivaWash, or a mild, oil and fragrance-free soap, before reinsertion.

If you are unable to fully wash The DivaCup after removal, for instance, when using a public restroom, wash your hands thoroughly before entering the stall, empty the cup into the toilet, and simply use a damp tissue to wipe the cup. At the next convenient time, clean as recommended. When travelling or otherwise, always wash the cup using potable or safe-to-drink water.

After your cycle, store your DivaCup in the cotton bag provided. This ensures that your DivaCup stays in a dry, breathable place when not in use.

Suggested Usage:

Use as needed during menstrual cycle. Empty 2-3 times per 24 hours, wash, and reinsert. More information can be found in the detailed user guide.

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