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Dr. Mist - Deodorant Spray

Dr. Mist - Deodorant Spray

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Info: 50 ml; Available Fragrance-Free or in Lavender

This award-winning natural deodorant spray can not only maintain the freshness of your underarms and feet or other body parts for up to three days after applying it to clean areas, but it can also prevent odors from building up in socks, shoes, or other clothing. 

Product Notes:

Dr. Mist can also help with a variety of skin irritations and conditions by reducing swelling and accelerating healing, due to its anti-bacterial properties, including acne, pimples, eczema, insect bites, and wounds. It contains no aluminum, alum, or alcohol, and is safe for any type of skin (even breast cancer survivors'), and it's colorless, non-oily, and won't stain. Try it, and you'll see why even the CBC Dragon's Den were impressed.

You can now choose between the original fragrance-free version, or one with a lavender scent.

Suggested Usage:

Shake bottle before use.

For bodies: Spray once or twice on clean skin and blend with hands to dry and cover desired area.

For shoes or fabrics: Spray directly and let dry.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

Product Options:
Fragrance Free - $9.99 - UPC: 9555002501013
Lavender Scented - $9.99 - UPC: 9555002501112