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Large Dry Sisal Bikini Brush (12" / 30.5 cm)
Dry Sisal Bikini Brush (9"/23cm)

Relaxus - Dry Sisal Brushes

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Info: Available in Two Sizes

Dry brushes are great for exfoliating and removing dead skin and toxins, for preparing the way for body creams or lotions to work more effectively, and for helping to massage areas to boost circulation and break up fatty deposits, all to help ensure you have healthy and clean skin. This brush from the Spa Relaxus line has a six inch brush with a rope on the end of the jute wrapped handle, and is intended to be used on your body's skin, when it's dry (i.e. not when your skin is damp or wet, which could be damaging). The bristles are made of Sisal, a natural fibre made from Agave sisalana (a succulent plant which resembles the Aloe vera plant).

Product Notes:

You can choose here between:

12 inch Sisal Dry Brush, in a previous model with darker twine on handle

- the large model with a jute handle and rope, which is 12 inches long, altogether (not including the hanging loop), whose head is about 4 inches wide, and nearly 2 inches deep (it formerly came with darker brown twine wrapped on its handle, as shown here, but the current stock uses light yellow twine, as shown in the main product photo); or,

- the 9 inch (23cm) long Bikini Brush, which can help prevent ingrown hair and irritated bikini lines; its head is slightly over 4 inches long, 2 inches across, and an inch deep.

In addition, there may also be a third type available in-store or by special order: the 26.5" (67cm) Long Sisal Back Brush, which has a rope on each end which you can grasp to slide it back and forth to scrub your back. It looks a bit like a double-length rolling pin, but has a flexible wire core, rather than a rigid centre. Please contact us for details.

Spa Relaxus Long Sisal Back Brush

Suggested Usage:

These products are best when used on skin (but not the facial skin - they're apt to be too rough for that) for three to five minutes a day, especially just before a shower or bath (but not when the skin is wet). Use a firm, circular motion.

For the large one in particular, they suggest starting with your feet, gently brushing the skin in an upward motion towards the heart. After brushing the entire body, shower or bathe as usual, and then follow with a moisturizer.


Not recommended for damaged or sensitive skin.

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Dry Sisal Bikini Brush (9"/23cm) - $5.99 - UPC: 628949062523
Large (12"/30.5cm) Dry Sisal Brush with White Handle - $18.99 - UPC: 628949057635