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EMSA Smart Kitchen Splash Protection, Black
EMSA Smart Kitchen Splash Protection, Green
uisng EMSA Smart Kitchen Splash Protection device as a strainer
uisng EMSA Smart Kitchen Splash Protection as a trivet and splatter guard
uisng EMSA Smart Kitchen Splash Protection device as a baking sheet

EMSA - Smart Kitchen - Splash Protection - 6-in-1 All-Rounder

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Info: Available in Your Choice of 3 Sizes and 2 Colours

EMSA's Smart Kitchen multi-function splash protectors or splatter guards are remarkably versatile; once you have one, you won't know how you got by without it before! They come in two colours and three sizes, and are made from platinum cross-linked silicone with robust, metal-reinforced handles. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, they come with a two-year guarantee from EMSA.

Product Notes:

Of course, the Smart Kitchen Splatter Guards protect against splashes from dishes and pans on the stovetop or in the microwave, but that's only the beginning. As a colander that fits neatly on top of pots with side handles, you won't have to worry about those awkward hot-water spills when draining the spaghetti. Or use one as a trivet or baking sheet - it can withstand temperatures up to 446°F!

  • Multifunctional: Splash protection, strainer, over-boil protection, tray, baking sheet and microwave cover, all in one.
  • Oven-proof up to 230°C / 446°F.
  • Saves space in drawers and cabinets by reducing the clutter of other types of devices.
  • Metal-reinforced, silicone-coated perimeter and handles.

Suggested Usage:

Use as a splash protector, trivet, colander/strainer, or even as a baking sheet.

Product Options:
8.25 inch diameter / Green - $16.99 - UPC: 4009049378961
8.25 inch diameter / Black - $16.99 - UPC: 4009049379029
10 inch diameter / Green - $18.99 - UPC: 4009049378985
10 inch diameter / Black - $18.99 - UPC: 4009049379043
12 inch diameter / Green - $21.99 - UPC: 4009049379005
12 inch diameter / Black - $21.99 - UPC: 4009049379067