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EquiFit - ShouldersBack

EquiFit - ShouldersBack

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Retrain your body and mind back into perfect posture with these lightweight ShouldersBack posture support braces. They gently hold your back in place and pull your shoulders back to correct your posture. This device is safe and can be concealed under clothing to be worn all day long, or at home over your clothes for just a few minutes a day to get back that tall and confident looking posture.  Invisible to the world, all they’ll be able to see is that tall and confident approach you'll receive with ShouldersBack. Made from Powermesh, Shoulders Back is comfortable, soft, lightweight and flexible, making it a diverse and amazing addition to your spinal health all year round. Eliminate back pain, support good posture and open up the chest for proper breathing while exercising. Used by physical therapists, musicians and trainers worldwide, ShouldersBack got its name from hearing horseback riding trainers continually commanding their protogées: "Shoulders Back!"

Product Notes:

EquiFit Product Code, Size Range, and store codes for each model:
02023: Children's/Small (up to 24" chest), Black colour (PLU 14161)
02020: Children's/Small (up to 24" chest), White colour (PLU 14162)
02021: Adult, Medium / A/A (up to 38" chest), Black colour (PLU 14159)
02024: Adult, Medium / A/A (up to 38" chest), White colour (PLU 02022)
02025: Adult, Large (up to 50" chest), Black colour (PLU 14163)
02022: Adult, Large (up to 50" chest), Large White colour (PLU 14164)

Suggested Usage:

Instructions for fitting are enclosed. You start by putting it on behind you over a t-shirt, like a vest. There are detachable, adjustable Velcro straps for both shoulders and around your middle.

Hand wash, line dry.

Product Options:
Children's, Black (02023) - $59.99
Children's, White (02020) - $59.99
Large, Black (02025) - $59.99
Large, White (02022) - $59.99