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Escali Taso Mixing Bowl Scale, Berry Blue Trim
Escali Taso Mixing Bowl Scale, Blackberry Trim
Demonstrating Removal of Escali Taso Bowl from its base
Escali Taso Mixing Bowl Scale on a table

Escali - Taso Mixing Bowl Scale

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Info: White Bowl; Choose Colour for the Trim

Want to do a little baking or whip up some pancakes or do some other scratch cooking without being deterred by all the extra cleaning up you'd have to do from measuring out the various ingredients, first? The Taso Mixing Bowl Scale makes it easy to measure and combine all the ingredients right in the same bowl you mix it in and pour it from. The built-in digital scale which is displayed and controlled at top not only enables you to measure any ingredients by weight, but also measure several common ingredients (milk, water, oil, flour and sugar) by volume. The mixing bowl itself is dishwasher safe and detaches easily from the base for pouring and cleaning.

Product Notes:


Weight Capacity: 11 lbs. / 5000 g

Removable, top shelf dishwasher safe, 2-quart bowl

Scale Mode, units: Easily switch between displaying Pounds, Ounces, or Grams

Volume Mode, units: Easily switch between displaying Cups, Fluid Ounces or Milliliters

Increments / graduations for partial measurements: 0.1 oz, 1 g, 1/8 cup, 1/8th fl. oz, or 1 ml

Tare feature (Add and Weigh) allows you to weigh multiple ingredients in one bowl

Rubber feet to protect counter tops and provide a stable measurement

Automatic shut-off to save battery life

Operates on two AAA batteries.

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Berry Blue Trim - $49.99 - UPC: 852520003272
Blackberry Trim - $49.99 - UPC: 852520003265