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Euro Cuisine - Yogurt Maker Replacement Jars
a Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker Jar in use
Close-up of Lid for Euro Cuisine Yogurt Jar with Date Dial

Euro Cuisine - Yogurt Maker Replacement Jars

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Info: 8 Replacement Jars with Calendar Feature; Model GY2640

This is a set of eight replacement or supplementary six-ounce jars for the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker. Get an extra set so you can make an extra batch for your friends, or be more proactive by making a new batch of 8 before all the existing ones run out. Get creative, and make up to 8 different flavours at once. These are dishwasher safe glass jars with screw-on lids, which each have a dial built into them to indicate the date the yogurt was made.

Product Notes:

Each lid incorporates a calendar feature: a dial you rotate like a calendar watch to indicate what date of the month it was made on, as illustrated in the third product photo.

UPC / Barcode: 737770264003