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Excalibur - Raw Foods Dehydration Information Chart

Excalibur - Raw Foods Dehydration Information Chart

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Info: 4 Page Laminated Information Chart

For use with Excalibur Dehydrators. In a raw kitchen, the right equipment can make daily food preparation easier, more efficient, and more interesting. A food dehydrator greatly expands the possibilities by allowing for new and varied textures, concentrated flavors, and preservation. It also provides a way to create "convenience" food for the raw foodist - a healthful way to prepare snacks that can ultimately save time, money, and satisfy children.

In this 8.5 X 11-- 2 panel, 4 page fully laminated info chart entitled "Raw Foods Dehydration," readers are introduced to the concept of dehydration for raw food purposes, why and how it is practices, and tips for using a dehydrator. Recipes and procedures for dehydrated preparations are included.


8.5 X 11 inch, 2 panel, 4 page fully laminated Information Chart

• Introduction
• How Dehydration Changes Food
• What's Made in a Dehydrator
• Why Dehydrate?
• Raw Food Dehydration Temperature
• Can You Use Your Conventional Oven?
• How Long Does It Take?
• Selecting a Dehydrator
• The Parafexx Sheet
• Flip It?
• Dried Food Storage
• How Long Will It Last?
• Caution
• Recipes
• Use Your Leftovers
• Dehydrator Maintenance
• Tips

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