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Fissler - Intensa High Saucepan
18cm diameter Fissler Intensa High Saucepan on display shelf
20cm diameter Fissler Intensa High Saucepan on display shelf
Top view of Fissler Intensa High Saucepan
Gripping ribbed handle on lid of a Fissler Intensa Pot
Hooking and tilting a Fissler Intensa lid on the handle of the pot
Pouring a Fissler Intensa Pot with lid on

Fissler - Intensa High Saucepan

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Info: High Saucepan, Available in Two Sizes

Fissler High Saucepans are great for simmering, boiling, and warming, and with their extra-thick base, you never have to worry about sauces getting scorched. They come equipped with two handles so you can carry the pot with ease, and their drip-free pouring feature avoids messy clean-ups and waste.  Free shipping in Canada. Please see additional features in the notes below.

Product Notes:


Pleasing to the eye.
The Intensa line fascinates at first glance with its striking design. The multitude of practical functions turn cooking into a special experience.

The pot that shows its colors.
Once the pot has heated up, the ThermoStar window on the lid tells you when it is time to turn down the heat. The innovative temperature display indicates how hot the pot is with the colors red and blue.

Makes cooking easier.
When you are cooking you do not want to constantly look for somewhere to rest the lid. That is why the lid has its own place, right in the integrated lid holder. So the kitchen always stays clean.

One lid for two positions.
Depending on the position of the lid, you can close the pot tightly for vitamin-saving cooking or leave it open for browning or to allow steam to escape.

Pouring without removing the lid.
The awkward use of dish towels is a thing of the past. Pouring off liquids with the lid still on makes cooking easier.

Space-saving made easy.
With their slightly conical shape, all of the pots – even those with the same diameter – can be stacked, saving space in your kitchen cabinets.

Product Options:
18 cm (7.1 inch) Diameter, 2.3L (2.4Qt) Capacity - $235.00 - UPC: 4009209286310
20 cm (7.9 inch) Diameter, 3.2L (3.4Qt) Capacity - $255.00 - UPC: 4009209286372