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Fresh Roots Farm - Raw Honey

Fresh Roots Farm - Raw Honey

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Info: 1 kg in Glass Jar

This Raw Honey is produced in southwest Manitoba, relatively near to our Aviva store, primarily from the nectar of alfalfa, clover and wildflowers collected by the bees from prairie pastures. Many mass-market honey products are pasteurized, excessively heated, and filtered, which can eliminate much of the body and taste overtones and a good deal of the natural mineral, vitamin, enzyme, and antioxidant content. This raw, unpasteurized honey retains all those as well as the natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of pure honey.

Product Notes:

These jars are usually available in-store. They may be available for shipping, but due to the glass jars and weight of the product, standard shipping rates likely will not apply; you may be contacted with a quote if you're looking to have it shipped.

The natural consistency of this raw honey tends to be more of a solid/creamy texture, and, like most unprocessed honey, it will eventually become crystallized.

However, it can easily be made into a golden liquid simply by warming it gently and slowly to between 35 and 40C (95-105F), whether in a warm water bath for a couple of hours, or in a crock pot set on low, or even under a low wattage incandescent bulb (such as the ones in an oven) for a few hours.


Honey should not be consumed by infants under one year old.