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What's Included with the Frolov Breathing Device
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Frolov - Respiration Training Device

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Info: 1 Frolov Respiration Training Device

Breathe Right. Feel Good. The Frolov Respiration Training Device implements the concept of resistance breathing to help you learn the proper breathing technique to increase lung capacity.

Info: 1 Frolov Respiration Training Device

Breathe Right. Feel Good. The Frolov Respiration Training Device implements the concept of resistance breathing to help you learn the proper breathing technique to increase lung capacity.

Product Notes:

The Frolov device is the original portable apparatus designed for carrying out a uniquely beneficial breathing regulation technique, and may help prevent and fight a number of respiratory conditions and increase your body's adaptation abilities. You can master the endogenous breathing technique much faster and easier with this device; it creates resistance while inhaling and exhaling to help train your respiratory muscles, use the diaphragm more, and improve shallow chest breathing.

The full Frolov kit contains: Mouthpiece, respiratory tube, cover, cup, internal container, graduated jar, DVD with video manual, technical certificate, directions for use (guidelines). You can also download the Frolov Manual here [PDF ~0.9 MB].

Note from Nathan Zassman: The Frolov Device is an unusual but impressive health product. Designed by a Russian scientist and used by Russian cosmonauts, when used regularly, this device helps the body to produce oxygen (endogenous oxygen) from antioxidants in the body. Customers who have purchased this product have told me that this may be the most important of all health products, as it improves oxygen utilization in the body.

The Frolov system is a novel state-of-the-art respiration training device featuring a full set of healing factors, which may claim to be the most advanced device for breathing exercises in today's world.

Breathing exercises have proved to be a strong means of building up health at any age. Since ancient times, more than 900 respiratory techniques and approaches have been invented.

Based on contemporary scientific research, a UNIFYING Respiratory Technique and a Respiration Training Device to implement it have been developed for practical use by the public.

This device is crucial to carrying out the endogenous breathing exercises in that Technique, and also serves as an independent medical device designed to help support a variety of conditions including: Chronic bronchitis, Bronchial asthma, Pulmonary emphysema, Myocardial ischemia, Atherosclerosis and many others.

This design from Dinamika has been sold in some markets under the brand name BreathSlim. 

Newborns come into this world with the first breath. Breathing remains the most critical function of our life cycle. It is through breathing that humans receive the oxygen they need in order to live.

Proper breathing determines the health and functionality of every organ in your body. Whether you are hard at work, engaging in sports activities or simply relaxing, you have to breathe right.

Vladimir Frolov, Russian scientist and creator of this unique breathing method will surely improve your overall well-being and significantly enhance your breathing technique.

Video (Above) Transcript: Discoveries made by modern scientists who study the experience of our predecessors are proving an important role of breathing for keeping human health. Health improving breathing adds to improvement of health condition, increases protective function of the organism and intensifies processes of energy metabolism in cells.

Gradually increasing the length of training session with the help of the training device, you will soon feel that your mood is improving, your sleep is back to normal, mental and physical activity as well as resistance to stress and infectious diseases are intensified.Frolov Device in use

Setting of the Training Device: The Training Device is a device for training respiratory muscular system and establishing positive exhalation pressure. Before starting to train, it is necessary to study the manual.

How to prepare the device for training? Before the first application and after each training using the inhalation training device, it is necessary to disassemble the device, wash all parts with warm water and washing out liquid. Wash in the running water and dry.

Determine the amount of water according to the table given in the manual. Measure the necessary volume of water. Using the measuring glass, pour water in the cup or the training device. Stick the lid to the inner container tightly. Put the inner container inside the cup. Press the lid so that it closes the cup tightly. Stick the respiratory tube to that lid socket. Insert the mouthpiece into the spare end of the respiratory tube.

Main principles of the respiratory training: What is the most important point in respiratory training? During respiratory training, it is necessary to breathe with the help of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the main respiratory muscle which separates thorax and abdomen. When inhaling, the diaphragm contracts and moves down. When exhaling, the diaphragm relaxes and slowly moves up.

In what position is it necessary to train? Choose the most comfortable position. Sit at the table, in the armchair, or recline.

How to better carryout respiratory training? Take the device so that the cup of the training apparatus is in the vertical position. Put the mouthpiece into your mouth and press it tightly with your lips. Inhale and exhale through your mouth and into the tube. In order to prevent air coming through your nose, you can close the nose wings with two fingers of the free hand.

Inhale intensely within two to three seconds. The stomach is relaxed and moved forward. Exhale gently, slowly and smoothly. When the exhale is over, the stomach is slightly drawn in.

Is it possible to inhale through the nose? Children and people with weak health at the beginning of the training course can inhale through the nose. It is not recommended to inhale through the nose during the basic training course.

What characteristic features should be considered when exhaling? Exhale follows inhale. Exhale is longer than inhale. Length of inhaling is increasing gradually. You can get the information about the length of the training session in the manual.

Servicing and storage conditions: After the training session, disassemble the Training Device and wash all parts with warm water and washing up liquid. Keep the device in a plastic bag or carton box.

A good example is a three-minute training session with a 10-second inhaling period.

Inhalation process: During the inhalation, inhale smoothly, slowly, gently through your mouth. After inhaling, make a pause or a stop in the breathing process and then exhale gently through your mouth into the inhalator.

It is recommended to inhale within three to five seconds, and to pause breathing after inhaling within three to five seconds as well. Exhale through the mouth into the inhalator within two to three seconds. Length of aroma inhalation is eight to 10 minutes.


Contraindications: not suitable for people less than 6 years old; or for those with severe forms of any diseases; or for those with respiratory failure higher than II degree; or with heart failure; or pulmonary hemorrhage and hemoptysis; or implanted artificial pacemakers.
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