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gDiapers - Flushable Diaper Refills (M/L)

gDiapers - Flushable Diaper Refills (M/L)

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gDiapers flushable diaper refills are designed to keep your baby dry and happy. Because they are plastic-free, you can flush, compost or even toss them.

gDiapers flushable diaper refills are made of sustainably farmed wood fluff pulp, sodium polyacrylate (SAP) for absorbency, and cellulose rayon. No plastic. M/L is for baby between 13-36 lbs or 5-16 kgs.

Product Notes:

  • No elemental chlorine
  • No perfumes
  • No plastic
  • No inks or dyes
  • No latex

From start to flush:

  • Insert flushable by pressing it into the 'little g' pants snap-in liner.
  • Close tabs at the back away from little hands.
  • To flush, tear flushable from top to bottom.
  • Pull open completely. Make sure entire absorbent inner core falls into toilet.
  • Stir once with swishstick to break up contents, toss in outer material and flush.
UPC Code: 187006000040