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GEFU Universal Rotary Whisk
GEFU Universal Rotary Whisk in use

GEFU - Universal Rotary Whisk

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Info: 36 cm.

Need to mix something, but don't want to go through the hassle of getting out your electric mixer with its unwieldly cords that get in the way? If so, you need to try GEFU's Universal Rotary Whisk. Without batteries, cords, or electricity, this whisk spins using the power of - you! Simply press the whisk down lightly and the whisk spins, mixing desserts, soups, milk, sauces, and much more. A great addition to your kitchen, and it fits nicely wherever you keep your kitchen implements - so much easier to store than the electric mixer with all its attachments and cords!

Product Notes:

  • ideal for creamy milk foam, sauces, desserts, soups and much more 
  • simple and quick, without electricity, just by light movements of the hand 
  • length: 36 cm 
  • stainless steel / plastic 
  • clean under running water 
UPC / Barcode: 4006664127905