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Jar of Harmonic Arts Wild Harvested Pine Pollen Powder

Harmonic Arts - Wild Harvested Pine Pollen Powder

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Info: 70 g Glass Jar

Pine Pollen is a superfood containing over 200 bioactive nutrients, including many vitamins (including folic acid), minerals, antioxidants (notably glutathione), flavonoids, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and 20 amino acids (including proteins to help build muscle, and L-dopa, which may enhance people's libido and climaxes). With its many nutritional and adaptogenic properties, it's no wonder pine pollen has been used as a food, a tonic, and/or for balancing hormones in a wide variety of regions and medical traditions, including ancient Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Traditional Chinese, and North American Indigenous medicine.

Product Notes:

As pine pollen's function is to help reproduce trees, it's a rich source of several phytoandrogens (plant based hormones) which may benefit people, as well: ABA (abscisic acid, which activates immune cells and stem cell growth), DHEA (which nourishes the endocrine system), and Testosterone (an androgen which helps regulate other hormones and can increase stamina and vigor).

Pine Pollen develops on pine trees' yellow-coloured male cones (or 'catkins'), and when it matures, gets blown by the wind to try to take root in and fertilize the seeds in the female ovule cones. There is a window of just a few weeks every year where it can be hand-harvested before it blows away. This Pine Pollen is wild crafted through sustainable practices (leaving enough to ensure the trees can continue to reproduce) and gathered from remote high elevation forests each spring, then processed at low temperature to ensure maximum potency and increased digestibility.


Wild-harvested Pine Pollen.

Suggested Usage:

Start with about 1.5 g, from a half to a full 1 teaspoon at a time, mixed into tea, smoothies, elixirs, juice or water, or added to food, or even eaten on its own. Some suggest you'll get more benefits if you take it on an empty stomach. To make it as a tea, some suggest first mixing it with a little bit of room temperature water, then topping it up with hot water. You can also encapsulate yourself, with a capsule machine.
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