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Herbal Glo - Hair Styling Spray or Gel

Herbal Glo - Hair Styling Spray or Gel

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Info: 250 ml (8 fl oz), Available in 2 Sprays or a Gel

Want there to be much ado about your 'do? Then use one of Herbal Glo's fantastic styling products to help manage your hair and keep your hairdo in place. You can choose between two types of hair sprays or a hair gel.

Product Notes:

Looking for that natural looking finishing touch to your hairstyle? Herbal Glo's Natural Control Hair Spray is light and pH balanced to give your hair a sleek, long-lasting hold. Enhance your hair's natural highlights with this fast-drying and easy to apply product that does not leave a sticky build-up. For even more support and hold, try Herbal Glo's Firm Hold Hair Spray which gives you day-to-night hold and shiny looking hair. Since this hair spray is water-soluble and quick-drying, it equally does not leave a sticky residue. A few quick sprays are all you need for incredibly smooth and shiny looking hair.

If you prefer a gel rather than a spray, Herbal Glo's Styling Gel is the way to go! This alcohol-free gel contains natural herbs, vitamins, and plant extracts that protect and condition your hair while still giving you all-day styling hold without a sticky residue or build-up. Go on, use one of Herbal Glo's hair styling products and let your creativity and natural beauty shine!


Firm Hold Hair Spray: Octylacrylamide/Acrylates/Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Polymer 2-Amino-2-Methyl-1-Propanol 95%, Dimethicone, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Aloe Vera Extract, Fragrance.

Natural Control Hair Spray: SD Alcohol 40, Butyl Ester of PVM/MA Co-polymer (a gentle resin), Purified Water, Panthenol Na PCA, Biotin, Cysteine, Jojoba Oil, Amp, Copolyol, Natural Fragrance.

Ultimate Control Styling Gel: Aqua (Purified Water), PVP, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Polysorbate 80, Panthenol (Vitamin B5),  Methoxycinnamate, Horsetail Extract, Rosemary Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Comfrey Extract, Chamomile Extract.

Suggested Usage:

Firm Hold Spray: Spray hair lightly. For maximum hold, wait a few minutes and spray again.

Natural Control Spray: Depress atomizer with short, quick strokes 10-12 inches from hair. Spray hair lightly. For firmer hold, wait a few seconds and spray again. If atomizer clogs, rinse it in warm water.

Styling Gel: Apply while hair is still damp. Blow dry and style as usual.


For the Sprays: Contents flammable. Do not use near fire or flame, nor while smoking. Avoid spraying near eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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Firm Hold Hair Spray - $12.99 - UPC: 063151250175
Natural Control Hair Spray - $12.99 - UPC: 063151250120
Ultimate Control Styling Gel - $12.99 - UPC: 063151250410