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Heritage Store Castor Oil, 480 ml bottle

Heritage Store - Palma Christi Castor Oil

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Info: Available in Two Types and Three Sizes

Info: Available in Two Types and Three Sizes

Castor Oil now has two main sets of external uses: 1) to soften the skin or hair, either by massaging it in, or wrapping a cloth soaked in the oil over it, for a night; and 2) as a hot abdominal healing pack -- an alternative treatment modality advanced by Edgar Cayce, which some maintain can help stimulate certain organs or alleviate a variety of health conditions or complaints.

Product Notes:

Castor Oil, which is made from the beans of a plant the Romans called "Palma Christi" because it leaves resembled the palm of Christ, has actually been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine. It used to be taken internally to cleanse the digestive tract (and this Heritage Store type is pure enough and cold-pressed to be free of ricin (which is toxic) such that it can be taken internally, although that is not recommended).

237ml bottle of Organic Lavender Castor OilA new Organic Lavender Castor Oil is now available, as well, which features soothing lavender essential oil in addition to pure cold-pressed, hexane free castor oil, as a meditation aid or to enhance a massage experience.


The Original Palma Christi Castor Oil Types: Pure, Cold-Pressed, Top Quality Ricinus communis (Castor) Oil.

The new Palma Christi Organic Lavender Castor Oil Type: Ricinus communis (Castor) Seed Oil and Lavandula angustifolia (both organic).

Both types are free of Hexane, Paraben, Phthalate, or Artificial Colour or Fragrance.

Certified as being periodically tested by an independent laboratory which has found it to be free of the most common pesticide residues down to a detection level of 1 ppm.

Suggested Usage:

Massage into area of skin where softening and soothing are desired; or rub into joints and muscles. To moisturize dry or fragile hair, apply to the strands at the root and massage your scalp before washing. Also excellent for healthy hair, eyebrows, and glossy eyelashes.

Apply Castor Oil Pack over the intestinal area to soothe, balance and support digestive comfort.

General Directions for using a Castor Oil Pack, using pure undyed Wool or Cotton Flannel material:

1. Fold about 1 square foot of the material at least once to make a pack of appropriate size, and saturate with about 1/4 cup of castor oil (by pouring it onto the bottom of the pack, or dipping the pack in a bowl of preheated oil).

2. Position the pack over your placed over the right side of the abdomen (covering the liver, upper small intestines, cecum, and ascending colon), and cover it with a piece of plastic, and a heating pad or hot water bottle above that. (A towel over it may also be useful, to protect the bedding from getting oil on it.) You might also wrap an Ace bandage loosely around the pack and your body to hold pack in place.

3. Turn the heating pad on low or to a setting your body tolerates, but if an infection or fever is present (or suspected), do not use heat.

4. Allow the pack to remain for an hour or more. Longer applications can be beneficial, but only if you avoid falling asleep with the heating pad turned on.

5. After the pack is removed, cleanse your abdomen, with a solution of baking soda in water (1 teaspoonful to a pint), for example.

6. Store the pack in plastic bag or other container in the fridge or a cool place after use: it can be reused up to 24 times before the pack must be cleaned or discarded.

7. Use 3 to 5 days per week for three weeks each month, until desired results are obtained.

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Organic Lavender Castor Oil (237 ml) - $16.99 - UPC: 076970348916
480 ml (16 fl oz) Palma Christi Castor Oil - $18.99 - UPC: 076970625093
960 ml (32 fl oz) Palma Christi Castor Oil - $30.99 - UPC: 076970221325