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Aviva - Himalayan Crystal Salt (Pink)

Aviva - Himalayan Crystal Salt (Pink)

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Info: 908 g (=32 oz/2 lbs.), Available in 3 Grain Sizes

Use natural crystal salt for baking and seasoning vegetables, one-pot casseroles, salads, dips, soups, meat and fish dishes, or to sprinkle on snacks like popcorn. It is healthier and better tasting than regular table salt. Because of the purity of the salt, the taste is more pleasant, but please start seasoning your food with smaller amounts than you are accustomed to with common table salt. By using natural crystal salt -- and less of it -- your blood pressure may balance itself out without the need for medication (high blood pressure may decrease and low blood pressure may increase). Note, pure crystal salt will maintain its natural pinkish colour even when finely granulated; our salt is of the highest quality and, as a result, also exhibits this natural colouring.

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Three grain sizes are available: Coarse grind (as shown in the product photo above), which are the size of small pebbles, for grinding yourself; Medium grind, which is suitable for shaker bottles with larger holes, or which can be put in a salt grinder, as well; or Fine grind, which can be used in a regular salt shaker as is.


100% pure Himalayan Crystal Salt

Product Options:
Coarse (For Use in Grinders) - $19.99
Medium Grind (for Shakers w/ Larger Holes) - $19.99
Fine Grind (for use in Salt Shakers) - $19.99