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Himalayan Salt Lamp
Fire Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp
Mini Amber Heart Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

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Info: Available In-Store in a Variety of Shapes & Sizes, at Various Prices

Ideal for use at home or the workplace, Himalayan Rock Crystal Lamps function as natural ionizers to help reduce the amount of positive ions which build up in your environment, helping providing a healthier atmosphere. The soft, warm glow of a salt lamp can also induce feelings of tranquility and peacefulness.

Product Notes:

Himalayan Salt Tea Light

There are a number of Himalayan salt crystal lamps available at Aviva for purchase in-store or by special order, including a 'Fire Bowl' shaped sculpted lamp; several in a "Natural" oval shape and colour; a "Snow White" one, which can also be used with different bulbs to illuminate in other colours); or a Pyramid shape; or a "Tea Light" / Candle Holder type, which have a 1-1/2 inch diameter opening in it to burn a candle in (instead of an electric bulb). Please contact or visit our store for details.

Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp

Each of these types of lamps is mounted on a wooden base and comes with an electrical cord and bulb. Standard lamps which may be available for shipping online weigh approximately 10 pounds (anywhere from 9-12 lbs). The ones larger than that are very heavy and impractical for shipping; however, if you are interested in having a lamp shipped by special order, please contact us for additional information and shipping quotes.

There may also be one or more types available in-store that are USB-powered (which can either plug into a computer or a USB-style phone charger), which used LED rather than incandescent bulbs, such as the Amber Mini-Heart one shown in the third main product photo.

Replacement clear bulbs are also available in-store. (Ask for store code 12439).

15 Watt Light Bulb for Himalayan Salt Lamp

There may even be some variously shaped, much heavier lamps that can be about two feet tall. A wide range of these amazing natural Himalayan salt lamps can be viewed in our retail store in Winnipeg, weighing from about 4 kg all the way up to 40! For more details, please contact our store, and we will be happy to assist you.


In order to avoid scratches or salt deposits during humid conditions, do not place directly on valuable furniture -- place on a waterproof base such as a plate. Crystals get hot when in use: do not touch. Keep away from water and excess humidity. Lamps should not be used in rooms with excessive humidity, or outdoors.