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Hourglass - Bean Kanteen for ColdBrew Coffee Maker

Hourglass - Bean Kanteen for ColdBrew Coffee Maker

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Info: 2X Bean Kanteen for Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker System

As you know, the Hourglass cold brew coffee system shown at the right brews coffee without heat or electricity using an all-natural cold water infusion process, to produce a healthier, 69.6% less acidic coffee with a smooth taste and no bitterness that's easier on your stomach. But you may want an additional canteen for it, or yours may need replacing. Some are still available here, like the one shown. It is 8-3/4 inches tall with the cap screwed on, and four inches wide and a bit less than 2-1/2 inches wide at the bottom.

Product Notes:

Easy to use ... brew, flip and enjoy! The Hourglass produces a healthy & delicious low acid coffee extract for both hot & cold coffee drinks. The full Hourglass system includes: The Hourglass maker with lifetime stainless steel filter, the portable Bean Kanteen for extract storage and User's Guide with 25 recipes. The Hourglass uses no electricity, is spill-proof, shatterproof and made from health safe BPA free plastic. The extract keeps for up to 2 weeks. Simply add to hot water (or iced drinks) and have delicious coffee anytime.


* Smooth & Rich Coffee, Enjoy Hot Or Iced
* Makes Single Serve Coffee on Demand
* Use Coffee Extract For Delicious Desserts & Cocktails
* Great For Making Concentrated Tea Extract
* Coffee Grounds Can Be Brewed Twice With Great Flavor

FeaturesHourglass Coffee

* No Electricity, No Paper Filters, No Coffee Waste
* Portable, Spill-proof & Shatter-proof
* Makes 8 Servings Per Brew Cycle
* Stainless Steel Filter Lasts A Lifetime
* Lifetime Guarantee* See Warranty

Never Drink Bitter Coffee Again! The high heat and fast brew times of conventional coffee makers create bitter coffee that's high in acid, and hard on the stomach.

High heat = high acid. With the Hourglass, coffee grounds are never exposed to heat, so bitter acids and oils are never released.

No heat = low acid. With the acid removed, you get nothing but the good stuff...Coffee made with the Hourglass is distinctively smooth with a full bodied rich flavor and a sweeter taste profile than hot brewed coffee.

Enjoy coffee as nature intended. Unlike hot brew machines that can burn the delicate coffee bean, the Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker uses no heat so bitter acids and oils are never released. The patented Hourglass coffee maker supports sustainability. No coffee waste and requires no electricity or paper filters.