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Hydro Floss - Jet & Pocket Pack Tips
Hydro Floss - Jet & Pocket Pack Tips

Hydro Floss - Jet & Pocket Pack Tips

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Info: 4 pack of either Jet or Pocket Pack Tips

These are replacement or supplementary tips for the Hydro Floss Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigation device. The Regular Jet Tips are the same type which come as standard equipment with each irrigator. They come is a package of four, with different coloured bases to enable multiple users to know which is theirs. It's recommend you replace these after every 90 days of use. The Pocket Pal tips also come in the same four different colours. They work in conjunction with (i.e. immediately after) the standard tips for additional irrigation and/or to deliver medication up to 5 to 6 mm, and have a special rubber tip to massage the gums and promote circulation.

Suggested Usage:

Instructions for Pocket Pack Jet Tips:

1) Start by irrigating thoroughly using the standard jet tip, as usual.
2) Remove the regular tip and insert a Pocket Pal tip into the handle, in its place.
3) Fill the reservoir. Make sure the pressure setting is no higher than #5.
4) Turn the Hydro Floss on and adjust pressure control to a comfortable setting (5 or less; never use higher than 5).
5) Direct the stream to the point where the tooth meets the gum line.
6) Remove the Pocket Pal tip after each use.
7) Change this tip often -- at least every 60 days.

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Regular Jet Tips - $9.99
Pocket Pal Tips - $9.99