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ICOSA Brewhouse - Arctic Cold Brew System
Top of Arctic Cold Brew System showing sealing lid on top and filter inside
An Arctic Cold Brew System shown filled with brewed coffee, with beads of condensation on the surface

ICOSA Brewhouse - Arctic Cold Brew System

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Info: 3 Piece Set, including Carafe, Lid & Filter

It's a serious problem: you love your coffee, and rightly so; but every time you drink it, you suffer from nasty acid reflux. Or you may have found a commercial blend which agrees with you, but it's becoming expensive and time-consuming to keep going to buy one each day. If this sounds like you, an Arctic Cold Brew System is the solution, to easily and economically make perfect low-acid coffee which can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Make your own crisp cold brew coffee at home.

Product Notes:

Cold brew, you ask? Although it's brewed cold (in the fridge), the Arctic Cold Brew System produces a coffee concentrate that you can add steaming hot water to for your usual hot cup of coffee. Alternatively, you can add ice, milk, or ice cream to make other types of coffee-based drinks, as well. Increasingly popular in trendy and emerging coffee shops, cold brew is the future of coffee. Now you can make your own efficiently and inexpensively at home.

Composition and Dimensions of the Three Components:

The entire Arctic system measures 5.82 inches (128 mm) in diameter at the base, and 7.8 inches (198 mm) tall without the stainless steel lid (with its silicone gasket) on, or 8.19 inches (208 mm) with that in place.

The Carafe itself is made of 100% borosilicate glass (the type used in lab beakers or the original Pyrex cookware, which tolerates both high and low temperatures and temperature changes very well, and can be microwaved), and has a capacity of 1.5L (50.7 US oz) -- enough to make enough concentrate to last most individual users at least a week, each time, and the concentrate will keep for up to two weeks. It has a 2.875 inch (73 mm) outer diameter at its top opening, and a 2.57 inch (65 mm) inner diameter there.

The Micron Filter is made of high quality 18/8 stainless steel, and has many columns of tiny laser cut holes (which are 200 microns in diameter) to let the flavour out as the coffee brews while keeping the grounds in. This filter has an opening of over 2 inches in diameter to fill it with ground coffee beans.

Suggested Usage:

This video illustrates how easy it is to use the Arctic Cold Brew System. Simply scoop some ground coffee beans (up to 16 tablespoons or 8 ounces, if making a full container; a coarse grind is recommended -- if it's too fine, particles might enter the brew) into the filter; fill the carafe up to about the 6 cups mark with unheated water (filtered water would be best); insert the filled micron filter; place the lid on it; and put the system in the fridge for between 12 to 24 hours to brew (depending on your preferences and the type of coffee). Then remove the filter from the carafe (and put the carafe back in the fridge, when not in use), empty out the grounds, and clean the filter as soon as possible. You should also wash the carafe and lid immediately after its last use for each batch, to get the best results.

To drink the coffee, you can either just take it straight (if you like very strong coffee), perhaps warmed up in the microwave or on a beverage warmer first, if desired; or dilute it with either hot or cold water or dairy or other beverages.

Feel free to experiment: vary the bean type, roast level, brew time and water-to-coffee ratio to your liking.

All the components are dishwasher safe (place them in separately), but you can also clean the Glass Carafe and the Micron Filter with a soft-bristled brush such as the ones used for cleaning bottles.

You can also experiment with this system to infuse and brew loose tea.

UPC / Barcode: 627843720690