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an Incrediwear Body Sleeve on a torso

Incrediwear - Body Sleeve

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Info: Available in Two Sizes

Made for everyday wear or with the athlete or medical patient in mind, Incrediwear's patented Body Sleeve can bring comfort to your tired body within minutes of putting it on, energizing individuals who need extra support in the midsection -- whether due to circulatory issues, sports- or work-related injuries or sprains, herniated or swollen discs, various types of nerve, joint or hip pain. It can significantly enhance comfort and mobility, due to the increased blood flow, regulation of temperature, and delivery of a greater supply of oxygen to the targeted area, which is achieved by the negative ion technology of its germanium fibre (if you wear it directly on the skin), but allows greater mobility than some other back braces, enabling you to play golf or tennis without getting in the way.

Product Notes:

This product was formerly known as the Incrediwear Waist Sleeve or the Incredibrace Body Brace.


45% Germanium Fiber; 42% Nylon; 13% Spandex.

Wash and Care Instructions:

Hand wash in cold water and air dry. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean.

Product Options:
Small/Medium, for 24-34 inch (61-87cm) waist - $42.99 - UPC: 891709000596
Large, for 35-44" (88-112cm) waist - $42.99 - UPC: 858349003486