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Incrediwear Elbow Brace on an arm

Incrediwear - Elbow Brace

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Info: Sleeve or Brace for either the Elbow or the Shin

Get infrared therapy benefits from Incrediwear without visiting a health professional or clinic! Infrared therapy has become well recognized in medical clinics for its ability to treat vascular and circulatory conditions. Now, thanks to material made from organic germanium and bamboo charcoal fibres, you can achieve the benefits of infrared therapy by wearing this Elbow Sleeve/Brace. Not only does it offer rapid pain relief (20 minutes or less!), it also accelerates your recovery and increases mobility. This is achieved with their patented organic germanium and bamboo charcoal blend, which is also antimicrobial, moisture wicking and odor absorbing - making the Elbow Sleeve perfect for extended wear.

Product Notes:

The Incrediwear Elbow Sleeve has no limit to its use, and because it is so comfortable, it can be worn on a regular basis. The medically designed brace also does not lose its infrared quality when washed. Simply wash in cold water and air dry (may also be placed in the dryer on low heat to prevent shrinking). Infrared anions are released by the organic germanium and bamboo charcoal blend when heated by your natural body temperature. This vibrates the afflicted tissue, regulates temperature, and increases blood flow by 75% after only 5 minutes of wear. Fresh oxygen rich blood is than able to rejuvenate the area and flush away stale blood & debris such as toxins. The Incrediwear Elbow (or Shin - it can also be worn there!) sleeve has helped many conditions, including arthritis, tennis elbow, sprains, bursitis, tendonitis, meniscus tears, inflammation, cramps, fatigue, pre & post surgery, shin splints and injuries. It is also effective for athletic support ranging from biking, weight lifting, martial arts, dancing, etc. Whether you are a world class athlete or an average Joe or Jill, the Elbow or Shin sleeve is ideal for anyone wanting lasting comfort and rapid pain relief.

Benefits & Physical Properties:

  • instant pain relief without medication, great for: tennis elbow, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, sprains, and for use pre- & post-surgery;
  • anion technology and patented weave increases blood flow and oxygen by 75%, reduces swelling from arthritis and injuries, and wicks away moisture;
  • increases range of motion.


To ensure proper sizing for the Elbow Brace / Sleeve (which was formerly marketed under the Incredibrace sub-brand), please measure the circumference of the arm it is to go on at the bicep area (about 3 inches above the elbow), and find the range to pick the appropriate size from these two lines:

  • 9 to 14 inch (23-36 cm) circumference: Small/Medium
  • 14 to 20 inch (36-52cm) circumference: Large

Composition and Care Instructions:

S/M size: 53% Germanium Fiber, 13% Bamboo Charcoal Fiber, 16% Nylon, 18% Lycra Spandex.

L size: 32% Nylon (Germanium Embedded); 34% Polyester (Carbon Embedded); 27% Cotton (Germanium Embedded); 7% Spandex.

Use warm or cold water to wash and hang dry or tumble dry low. Do not: bleach, dry clean or iron.

Product Options:
S/M (for 9 to 14" / 23-36cm Bicep) - $29.99 - UPC: 891709000473
L (for 14 to 20" / 36-51 cm Bicep) - $29.99 - UPC: 858349003417