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the Incrediwear Back Brace on a torso
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Incrediwear - Low Back Brace

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Info: Available in Four Sizes: M, L, XL, and XXL.

Back pain can be debilitating. It can stop you from getting out of bed, make simple tasks a chore, and slow you down. Whether it's arthritis, muscle sprains, sciatic issues, joint or hip pain, or even a herniated or swollen disc, the Incrediwear Back Brace may be the relief you're looking for. With anion technology, it uses the power of infrared technology to increase blood flow in the back to reduce inflammation and swelling. Comfortable enough to be used during any physical activities, it can be worn either directly against the skin -- which will increase blood flow, facilitate healing, increase your range of motion, and give you the relief you seek, without a prescription -- or over a thin shirt, for the ongoing support alone (after you've healed).

Product Notes:

By increasing blood flow up to 75%, the Low Back Brace may give you the fast acting solution to your pain problems. The fresh blood, brought to the affected areas by the increase in blood flow, pushes out deoxygenated blood, chemicals, and debris. Another benefit of this material is that it can wick away moisture and has anti-bacterial, odor-resisting properties.

The Incrediwear Back Brace is available here in four sizes / diameters:

  • Medium - fits 24 to 29 inch (61-74 cm) waist
  • Large - for 30-33" (76-84 cm) waist
  • X-Large - fits 34 to 37" (86-94 cm) waist
  • XX-Large - for 38 to 44" (96-112 cm) waist

This product was formerly marketed under the Incredibrace sub-brand.


For the Inside layer of the brace, the composition is 30% Nylon; 30% Polyester, 20% Cotton (infused with Germanium and Carbon Fiber); and 20% Spandex.

The Outside layer is 61% Polyester, 29% Spandex, and 10% Nylon.

Suggested Usage:

Wrap around lower back. Relax. The Incredibrace should begin to work within five minutes.

Wash and Care Instructions:

Hand wash in cold water, air dry. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean.

Product Options:
M (20 - 24" waist) - $76.99 - UPC: 891709000985
L (30 - 33" waist) - $76.99 - UPC: 891709000558
XL (34 - 37" waist) - $76.99 - UPC: 891709000565
XXL (38 - 44" waist) - $76.99 - UPC: 891709000527