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Invertrac - Inversion Therapy for Lower Back Pain Relief

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Info: 1 Invertrac (Available in Canada Only)

Now you can get relief from nagging backache in minutes! Invertrac helps to counter the degenerative effects of gravity. Circulation can also be greatly enhanced through inversion therapy.

Info: 1 Invertrac (Available in Canada Only)

Now you can get relief from nagging backache in minutes! Invertrac helps to counter the degenerative effects of gravity. Circulation can also be greatly enhanced through inversion therapy.

Product Notes:

Lightweight, portable, and comfortable, Invertrac is a bent-knee style inversion table that provides the benefits of spinal decompression without trauma to your ankle, knee, or hip joints. Natural traction occurs in the lower back when in a bent-leg position. Invertrac helps to eliminate daily stress and tension by gently stretching spine and back muscles, allowing for complete relaxation.

Unique Features of the Invertrac System

- Very easy to mount and dismount: The Invertrac's thigh pad is attached to a crossbar which has a low centre of gravity giving you complete control when inverting or dismounting. This unique design makes this an ideal unit for in-home use.

- The thigh pad has also been designed to reduce pressure in the pubic area during inversion sessions and when performing extension/flexion exercises.

- Rubber side grips for safe and easy inversion and dismount.

- Fully adjustable for leg length, thigh thickness and height - maximizing comfort and traction during each inversion session.

- M-Beam at front allows for extra-gentle extensions.

- Designed and built for the professional. Invertrac AnimationChrome-plated, heavy duty steel tubing and vinyl components will give years of trouble free use.

- 99% assembled - ready to use just minutes from unpacking. Simply attach the thigh pad and slip on the adjustable restraint bar.

- Folds completely flat for easy transportation and storage.

- Lightweight, approximately 33 pounds.

- Tested to safely hold up to 300 pounds.

- The Invertrac accommodates most individuals up to 6'4". There is an optional kit available that can extend the unit's use for people up to 6'8" (contact us for information).

Now You Can Get Relief From Nagging Backache in Minutes!

Backache, a 20th Century Problem

Every year thousands of working hours and pleasures of daily life are lost due to back injuries, chronic aches and other related problems. Man spends a full two-thirds of his life fighting gravity. As in any other battle, he is inevitably scarred in the process. He suffers in silence. Although a strong, healthy spine should be developed during early childhood, the majority of the population suffers from some form of back pain. Many factors of our daily life are responsible for these problems; modern baby-care devices that inhibit natural development, improper sleeping positions and poor mattress support, incorrect seating positions for prolonged periods, poor exercise habits or lack thereof, dangerous lifting and poor posture. The key problem area is found in the lumbar area of the back.

The Inversion Traction Concept

The effects of gravity on the human form are reversed by hanging inverted on the Invertrac unit. Tension on the spine is relieved and vertebrae are separated, easing pressure on the discs. If a disc has slipped, (herniated) instant relief from pain may occur by releasing the "pinch" of the nerve when it returns to its normal position. Displaced vertebrae, (the cause of back pain) are realigned and muscle spasms are reduced. Invertrac may not only instantly relieve back ailments, but may aid in chronic spinal difficulties.

Bent-Knee and Straight Leg Inversion Tables

With bent-knee inversion tables such as the Invertrac, the user bends at the hip area over a thigh pad. With a straight leg traction unit, the user attaches their ankles to the device and inverts on a flat bed type apparatus.

Bent-knee units don't involve the ankles, knees or hips in the inversion process, eliminating stress to these body joints. You're also in the perfect position to relax the psoas muscles and flatten out the lumbar area of the back for maximum traction.

In straight leg traction your whole body weight is supported by your ankles when in the complete inversion position and the lumbar area maintains the lumbar curve. It can be difficult to get proper traction on a curve.

The Invertrac has a unique design unlike any other bent-knee unit in the marketplace. There is an adjustment for leg length from the back of the knee to the groin. This allows your back to hang over the pad with only your thighs on the pad. Without hanging straight in a device there is no way that you can achieve maximum traction.

Please note: We are unable to fulfill orders to the USA or abroad. We are only able to ship the Invertrac to customers located within Canada.

Naming Note: A similar product is marketed as the Bac Trac in other markets.

Download or view the Invertrac User Instructions (pdf, ~1.14 mb)


Check with a qualified health care provider prior to use of the Invertrac.

Medical Warning: PLEASE CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL PRIOR TO USE OF INVERTRAC should you have any of the medical conditions below or others contrary to inversion. Hiatus hernia, Glaucoma, High blood pressure (hypertension), Dizziness, Bone weakness (osteoporosis, recent unhealed fractures, medullary pins, artificial hip joints or other orthopedic supports surgically implanted), Cardiovascular insufficiencies in the limbs, After head injury, Poorly co-ordinated, Fainting spells, Acute spinal injury, Disoriented if upside down, Weak or frail, Retinal detachment, Cerebral sclerosis, Recent stroke or transient ischemic attack, Heart and circulatory disorders for which you are being treated, Acutely swollen joints, Chronic sinusitis, Motion sickness or inner ear disorders or any other medical condition that may be made more severe by an elevation of blood pressure, intercranial pressure or the mechanical stress of the inverted position, should be considered contraindication to inversion therapy.