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Kombucha Mill - Live Scoby

Kombucha Mill - Live Scoby

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Info: 300g Packet; Shelf Stable - Available In Store Only

Enjoy the benefits of Kombucha at a much more affordable price point by brewing it at home yourself! This organic Live Scoby Kombucha Making Culture will get you started. It can make about 10 bottles of Kombucha per batch, and be reused to make a great many batches (almost forever!).

Product Notes:

Kombucha Mill's Live SCOBY is usually available at our retail store in Winnipeg, but please contact us to confirm availability. It does not require refrigeration, but cannot be shipped during the winter months, or to extremely hot locations, or to where it may stay in the hot sun in a delivery vehicle or outside mailbox. It should always be stored between 7 and 49 Celsius (45F-120F).

Ingredients and Suggested Usage:

packet of Kombucha Mill Live Scoby

This package provides only the liquid SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Yeast and Bacteria): a live mother culture to trigger a fermentation process in combination with three other key ingredients (tea, sugar, and boiling water) and several supporting materials. It was made in a USDA Organic Certified production facility in Hawaii.

This Live Scoby does not need refrigeration prior to usage. It can be stored between 7 to 49C (45-120F). Do not freeze.

To make your own ripe kombucha tea with this Scoby, you will also need:
* a wide-mouthed glass gallon jar;
* a cup of regular granulated sugar;
* either 10 grams of loose organic black tea or 5 organic black tea bags;
* boiling water, using regular tap water;
* a large pot;
* a paper towel sheet or a small cotton cloth;
* a rubber band; and,
* patience (you begin to check the results after 7 days and then every few days after that as it becomes more tart and tangy, and decide when to end the fermentation when it reaches the taste you like – typically from about two to three weeks after starting).

For additional guidance on methods of preparation, please see Kefirko's kombucha/kefir maker.

Please note that Kombucha needs to be brewed in a warm room - warmer than most rooms are normally kept during the winter months.


Since Kombucha can be a detoxifying beverage and also contains alcohol, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid kombucha until after breastfeeding to avoid transmitting extra toxins to their offspring through their fluids, unless they were already drinking kombucha regularly prior to pregnancy.

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