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KoMo Fidibus Medium Grain Mill

KoMo - Fidibus Medium Grain Mill

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Info: Electric Grain Mill in a Beech Wood Housing

Shipping included in Canada. Smaller size and superior performance unite in this "best of both worlds" model. The Fidibus Medium is a combination of two best-selling mills: the ever-popular Fidibus Classic; and the smaller Fidibus 21. The Fidibus Medium uses a somewhat longer version of the 21's smaller exterior to house the Classic's more powerful motor and larger millstones.

Product Notes:

Milling rate: wheat, finely ground, 3.5oz/min
Noise level: spelt, finely ground approx. 70 dB
Capacity of hopper: with wheat about 1.87 lb
Weight: 15.4 lb
Millstone diameter: (corundum/ceramic) 3.35"
Max. height of bowl: at spout  4.7"
Electric motor: size 360 watt
Dimensions H x D x W: 13 x 6.3 x 6.1 inches
Warranty:  Limited, 12 year.


The housing is made of beech plywood; the hopper and lid are crafted from solid beech. Its surfaces are treated with organic vegetable oil to prevent them from becoming dehydrated.