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Fidibus XL Grain Mill

KoMo - Fidibus XL Grain Mill

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Info: Very Powerful Electric Grain Mill; Made with a choice of Home or Commercial Motor

If you are a real whole grain enthusiast, or are operating a large-scale kitchen, or anticipate heavy use for extended periods, gear up to this larger KoMo grain mill, the Fidibus XL.

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Product Notes:

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With a far more powerful motor (600 watts, compared to 250 or 360) and a big hopper (which holds over 2.5 pounds of raw grain), the Fidibus XL can produce fine-grained flour twice as quickly as smaller Fidibus models, and accommodates a much bigger bowl to hold that freshly ground flour in as it comes out.

It only takes seven minutes for the Fidibus XL to grind up enough fine flour to make two big loaves of bread. As with KoMo's other grain mills, this handsome unit with a solid beech wood exterior is warrantied for 12 full years of home use. But if you want one for a commercial application such as a restaurant, there is also a Fidibus XL PLUS model available which has a heavier-duty commercial motor that is capable of running continuously as long as the hopper is being refilled, which has a 2 year commercial warranty.

Specifications for Fidibus XL and XL Plus:

Milling rate for finely ground wheat: 200 g/min (7.05 oz/min)
Capacity of hopper (with wheat): 1200 g (42.33 oz) (about 2.64 pounds)
Millstone diameter (corundum/ceramic): 85 mm / 3.35 inches
Electric motor size: 600 watts
Composition of housing, hopper and lid: solid beech. The wood surfaces are all treated with organic vegetable oil.
Noise level (with spelt, finely ground): about 72 dB
Weight: 9.0 kg / 19.84 lb for the XL;  11.0 kg (24.25 lb) for the XL Plus.
Max. height of bowl to be fed at the spout: 142 mm (5.59 inches) for the XL; 168 mm (6.61 inches) for the XL Plus
Dimensions, H x W x D: 367 x 173 x 232 mm (14.44 x 6.81 x 9.13 inches) for the XL; 397 x 179 x 230 mm (15.63 x 7.05 x 9.06 inches) for the XL Plus
Warranty:  12 Year Limited warranty for home use, for the XL

Warranty for XL Plus unit, with its super-duty Commercial Motor, which is capable of running continuously as long as its hopper keeps being refilled:

2 year commercial warranty, or
12 year home use warranty

Suggested Usage:

For fresh flours of different varieties, the Fidibus XL grinds barley, rye, spelt and wheat.

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