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KoMo Duett 100 Combination Grain Mill/Flaker
KoMo Duett 200 Combination Grain Mill/Flaker
Table wuth Specifications for the Duett 100 and 200 Models

KoMo - Duett 100 or 200 Grain Mill/Flaker Combination

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Info: Combination Grain Mill and Flaker; 2 Motor Options Available

Shipping included in Canada. The KoMo Duett mill and flaker combo is the perfect all-rounder! Its unique combination provides both freshly ground flour and flaked grains. The Duett has two separate motors designed optimally to operate both simultaneously and independently -- so you're able to create fresh flakes and mill fine flour at the same time! The Duett 100 combines the robust qualities of the Fidibus Classic grain mill, and the very quiet FlocMan grain flaker, all in one device. Similarly, the Duett 200 combines the exceptional qualities of the FlocMan and the heavy-duty 600 watt motor of the Fidibus XL grain mills. Also included is a specially designed, handmade ceramic bowl for the flaking unit. KoMo's Duett is unbeatable in price because the complete unit costs less than the sum of its parts.

Product Notes:

The KoMo Duett is a unique Mill & Flaker combination for freshly ground flour and freshly rolled flakes.

The KoMo Duett is a true masterpiece designed to combine modern and timeless beauty; created by KoMo designer, Oswald Gibiec-Oberhoff.

The KoMo Duett can grind and roll flakes, even at the same time! It has two motors working completely independently of each other, both optimally adjusted. The KoMo Duett is our top consumer model!

The Duett can freshly roll oats for breakfast, grind the finest flour for cakes and also roll poppy seeds. The KoMo Duett can do it all.

The mill technology of KoMo grain mills has been proven over the years.

This flaking technology can also be found in the FlocMan, the KoMo electric flaker. The KoMo Duett 100 has the uncompromising technology of the Fidibus and the super quiet technology of the FlocMan. The KoMo Duett 100 has all this rolled into one modern, appealing design.

The KoMo Duett 100 is significantly lower-priced than the sum of purchasing a mill and flaker separately.

Product Options:
Duett 100 (with 360 Watt motor) - $1,169.99
Duett 200 (with 600 Watt motor) - $1,434.99