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KoMo Jumbo Commercial Grain Mill

KoMo - Jumbo Commercial Grain Mill

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Info: 1 Commercial Grain Mill (Currently Unavailable)

Shipping included in Canada. The KoMo Jumbo is the ideal commercial milling machine for health food stores. The KoMo Jumbo allows customers the ability for self-service flour milling on site. Within its stylish and elegant housing made of beechwood multiplex wood, is the extremely powerful and robust 750W motor.

Product Notes:

Unfortunately, this item is no longer available in Canada, for the time being.

The KoMo Jumbo grain mill uses ceramic/corundum stones to produce flour. The front panel of this milling machine hangs over the front of the bench which allows for the easy and efficient collection of flour. The KoMo Jumbo can hold 3kg of grain and can produce 30kg of flour per hour!

The KoMo Jumbo grain mill will continually draw your customers into your store and keep them coming back for more tasty freshly milled stone ground flour.