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front view of Komo Mio with White trim
Komo Mito with Mint trim
Top view of Yellow Trimmed Komo Mio ready for use
front view of Komo Mios with Black and Yellow trims

KoMo - Mio Grain Mill

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Info: Previously Available Only in White

These products are currently unavailable from the manufacturer.

Built with the same top quality standards of all KoMo grain mills, KoMo's Mio mill is a new model in its premium line of electric grain mills.

S&H included to most locations in Canada. Delivery only available to addresses in Canada.

Product Notes:

The Mio's maintenance-free, extremely powerful 400 watt motor enables you to grind 100 grams of fine flour per minute – or much more than that, if you set it to a coarser setting (which can be done with just a twist of the wrist). It comes with a 12 year warranty.

KoMoMio features a dash of colour for those who prefer a more contemporary look over KoMo's other (all beechwood) models.

The KoMo Mio electric grinder can be used to grind most types of dry grains, including not only wheat, of course (both hard and soft types), plus barley, oats, quinoa, amaranth, kamut, spelt, or rice, as well as legumes such as beans, chickpeas, or lentils. It can also grind many types of spices, as long as they're dry and non-oily.

Caution: some types of seeds, grains, or spices should NOT be ground in these units if they are either too oily or too hard (which might gum up or otherwise damage the corundum grinding stones). The unsuitable products include: oily seeds, such as poppy or sesame seeds; herbs (such as peppermint or spearmint leaves); and popcorn.

If someone in your household is gluten-sensitive and you would like to grind some foods for them and minimize the chance of cross-contamination, KoMo will be producing an optional gluten-free grinding liner; it will be sold separately.