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KoMo - PK 1 Grain Mill

KoMo - PK 1 Grain Mill

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Info: 6-Sided Electric Grain Mill

Sometimes an old, fine wine does look better in new bottles. The KoMo PK1 places the same time-tested, reliable innards of its most popular electric grain mill the Fidibus Classic in a new six-sided case which many will find more visually appealing than the original more basic box design.

This product is currently unavailable from the manufacturer.

Product Notes:

Shipping included to most locations in Canada. Delivery only available within Canada.

The PK1 is suitable for households of three to five people. Of course, it still features a powerful yet low noise and highly efficient maintenance-free 360 watt motor, turning self-sharpening millstones or burrs made from a special corundum-ceramic composite, capable of easily grinding 100 grams of flour per minute (and of milling or grinding any kind of dry grains... but arguably does so with far more panache!

Its hopper is big enough to hold a full kilogram of wheat, and does double duty as the control knob to adjust the coarseness of the grind (just turn it). It can quickly and easily grind any kind of dry (non-oily) soft grains, hard grains, legumes, spices, or coffee beans, and the only cleaning and upkeep it really needs is to grind a handful of uncooked rice to 'cleanse its palate' before putting it away again, and to rub more vegetable oil to protect the wooden housing, once in a while. The exterior is made from solid beech sustainably harvested from local forests in their native Austria.

KoMo PK 1 Specifications

Milling rate for coarsely ground wheat: 100 g/minute
Milling rate for finely ground wheat: 6-7 oz/minute
Noise level volume at "fine" grind: 70 dB
Weight: 8.0 kg / 17.64 lbs.
Millstone diameter (corundum/ceramic): 85 mm / 3.35 inches
Max. height of bowl at spout: 10.3 cm / 4 inches
Electric motor size: 360 watts (operating on 110 volts, for the North American models)
Power cord length: 1.5 meters
Dimensions (H x D x W): 375 x 210 x 232 mm (13 x 6.3 x 6.1 inches)
Warranty: Limited, 12 years


Solid Beech housing, hopper/funnel, spout, and lid; surfaces treated with organic vegetable oil.

Grinding chamber: food-safe plastic (BPA-free)

Shipping note: We are only able to ship to customers located within Canada, to maintain the terms of the warranty. We are unable to fulfill orders to the USA or abroad. 

UPC / Barcode: 9120043060135