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kybun Lancy, front and outer side
kybun Lancy, outer side view
kybun - Lancy (Women's Sporty Leather Shoe)
kybun Lancy, inner side

kybun - Lancy (Women's Sporty Leather Shoe)

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Info: Black Colour; Eur. Sizes 34-1/3 to 43 (5 to 11.5 U.S. Women's)

With their newly designed, thinner sole, you could think of these as second-generation kybun shoes, with a slimmer and sportier look and a less pronounced effect. Named after a municipality in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, but made in Italy, the Lancy has a sporty yet elegant look, with its combination of a smart perforated classic black leather upper accented by a zipper on outer side below the tongue (which is functional, so you can get them on or off quicker without having to undo the laces as much) and silver-coloured highlighting insets and eyelet grommets.

Product Notes:

Please note, we are only able to ship footwear orders within Canada.

Sizing recommendation: Although kybun recommends that customers measure the length of their bare feet while standing against a wall and use their table to look up the recommended size for that length, for this particular model, our staff members have found that they can just wear their usual size.

Upper: Leather, synthetic leather
Lining: Mesh, microfibres
Insole: Mesh, polyurethane foam
Sole: PU, Cirrus

Launched as part of its spring 2017 collection, the Lancy features a new type of sole for kybun: the Cirrus, which still has a springy "walk on air" effect, but less so, by design, and also less of a rolling action. They also have a different tread pattern (shown here, except in a white version), with an improved profile for squeaky floors like linoleum. They also come with a removable insole, to complement the air-cushion feeling.

Tread on kybun Cirrus sole

These sporty leather shoes may appeal to several sets of (possibly overlapping) users:

* those who are on their feet a lot and are beginning to develop heel pain or other problems, but still want to have a 'normal' looking sole;

* those who find the other types of kybun soles challenging to wear (which some people take to right away, while others take some time to adjust);

* those with extreme balancing issues or certain other conditions who may be unlikely to adapt to regular kybun shoes;

* those who want to occasionally engage in some purely recreational sports such as tennis or volleyball (perhaps when pressed into it at family events) and want some help to keep it pain-free;

* those who want some of the established kybun air-cushioning effects for walking and standing but anticipate having to run in them occasionally (to catch a bus, e.g.); or,

* those who realize they are not exercising as much as they should or who notice their muscle tone beginning to slip and wish to benefit from a shoe which helps improve circulation and keep you more active even if you're just mostly standing.

Product Options:
5 US [34 1/3 Eur.] (215 mm long) - $489.00
5.5 US [35 Eur.] (220 mm long) - $489.00
6 US [35 2/3 Eur.] (225 mm long) - $489.00
6.5 US [36 1/3 Eur.] (230 mm long) - $489.00
7 US [37 Eur.] (235 mm long) - $489.00
7.5 US [37 2/3 Eur.] (240 mm long) - $489.00
8 US [38 1/3 Eur.] (245 mm long) - $489.00
8.5 US [39 Eur.] (250 mm long) - $489.00
9 US [39 2/3 Eur.] (255 mm long) - $489.00
9.5 US [40 1/3 Eur.] (260 mm long) - $489.00
10 US [41 Eur.] (265 mm long) - $489.00
10.5 US [41 2/3 Eur.] (270 mm long) - $489.00
11 US [42 1/3 Eur.] (275 mm long) - $489.00
11.5 US [43 Eur.] (280 mm long) - $489.00