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kybun Santis hiking boot, shown from front outer side
The tread on Cumulus sole of kybun Santis hiking boot
kybun Santis hiking boot, shown from the rear
kybun Santis hiking boot, shown from front inner side

kybun - Santis (Men's Hiking Boot)

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Info: Black Colour Scheme; Available in Sizes 39-49 Eur. (6.5 to 14 U.S.)

Finding it increasingly difficult to continue with one of your favourite pastimes? Or looking forward to that big trip with your family, but dreading the inevitable long hikes in the wilderness due to your weak ankles or the pain in your heels or knees? The kybun Säntis has got your back. Named after the highest mountain in northeastern Switzerland, this is a serious outdoor shoe, perfectly suited not only for trekking through the rugged terrain of mountains or forests, but also for ambling through more pastoral meadows, and ending up at the village restaurant or pub.

Product Notes:

Please note, we are only able to ship footwear orders within Canada.

The Santis features the newly improved Swiss Walk-On-Air Cumulus hiking sole, which has dozens of rugged knobs in its tread with half centimetre deep channels around them, as shown in the product photos.

Its mid-height shaft effectively protects the ankles when it's properly laced up with its six sets of hooks and loops; the nubuck leather on its upper is water-repellent and durable; there's ventilation on the tongue; and the lugs on its sole provide strong, stable, reliable, non-slip traction on a variety of surfaces (from loose gravel to swampy bog to craggy rocks to cobblestone).

Recommended Sizing Guidance

Many shoes and boots are only produced in a medium width, so customers learn to pick the size that generally fits the width of their feet, even if they end up being a bit too long. But because many of their kybun shoes are extra wide (4E) and so can accommodate virtually any foot of the same length, kybun recommends that you first measure the actual length of your foot and use their table to look up which size to order -- which may be a half or even a full U.S. size smaller than you're used to.

However, in this particular case, because the heel box is tapered in from the edge of the sole, some retailers advise this boot actually runs true to the usual U.S. sizes a man would wear, and so recommend that you just select your normal U.S. size (even if the standard recommended kybun size table says you should pick a different size for that length).

Upper: Nubuck leather, water resistant (easily waterproofed with any commercial kit/spray)
Lining: Mesh
Insole: High-quality 3D mesh, antibacterial treatment
Sole: Open Cell PU Cumulus Outdoor Sole

Product Options:
6.5 US [39 Eur.] (250 mm long) - $539.00
7 US [39 2/3 Eur.] (255 mm long) - $539.00
7.5 US [40 1/3 Eur.] (260 mm long) - $539.00
8 US [41 Eur.] (265 mm long) - $539.00
8.5 US [41 2/3 Eur.] (270 mm long) - $539.00
9 US [42 1/3 Eur.] (275 mm long) - $539.00
9.5 US [43 Eur.] (280 mm long) - $539.00
10 US [43 2/3 Eur.] (285 mm long) - $539.00
10.5 US [44 1/3 Eur.] (290 mm long) - $539.00
11 US [45 Eur.] (295 mm long) - $539.00
11.5 US [45 2/3 Eur.] (300 mm long) - $539.00
12 US [46 1/3 Eur.] (305 mm long) - $539.00
12.5 US [47 Eur.] (310 mm long) - $539.00
13 US [47 2/3 Eur.] (315 mm long) - $539.00
13.5 US [48 1/3 Eur.] (320 mm long) - $539.00
14 US [49 Eur.] (325 mm long) - $539.00