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Lekue Cannelé Bordelais mold
Lekue Mini Brownie Mould
Removing baked brownies from a Lekue Mini Brownie Mould
Lekue Muffin Mould
Lekue Mini Muffin Mould

Lekue - Silicone Baking Moulds [Assorted Styles]

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Info: 1 Baking Mould; Available in Several Styles

Elevate your desserts from everyday and ordinary, to elegant and entertaining, with your choice of moulds of various shapes and styles by Lekue. A recipe is included with each mould, and the photographs featured on each package inspire creativity. Create and serve warm or cold desserts - these 100% platinum silicone moulds have superior non-stick surfaces and are flexible in every sense of the word!  Fancying a French-style dessert? Try the Cannele Bordelais for a fashionable and tasteful finish to a meal, or for sumptuous selection of desserts to feature at a special occasion.

Product Notes:

All of the remaining moulds are black in colour.

Cannelé Bordelais is a French cake like dessert with a caramelized crust and custard like centre.

Barcodes and Capacities of Each Type:

  • 8420460191216 - Cannelé Bordelais: Yields 8
  • 8420460005124 - Mini Brownie (no longer available): Yields 24 bite-sized mini brownies
  • 8420460191285 - Mini Muffins Mould: Yields 11 mini muffins
  • 8420460191216 - Muffin Mould: Yields 6 large muffins

Suggested Usage:

Use these moulds according to their included recipes, or create as inspired by your culinary creativity. Lekue’s platinum silicone molds can be used for baking, pastries and preparing desserts requiring freezing or refrigeration.

Product Options:
Cannele Bordelais - $21.99 - UPC: 8420460191216
Mini Muffins Mould - $21.99 - UPC: 8420460191285
Muffin Mould - $21.99 - UPC: 8420460191216