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Mabu Cloth

Mabu Cloth - Earth-Friendly Multi Cloth

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Info: 29 x 29 cm Cloth; Available Singly or in a Package of Three

Mabu: an earth-friendly bacteria-resistant cleaning cloth for the kitchen or bathroom made with 100% natural wood fibre. Mabu simply feels wonderful; its special 8 layer design creates a soft, thick, touchable cloth.

Info: 29 x 29 cm Cloth; Available Singly or in a Package of Three

Mabu: an earth-friendly bacteria-resistant cleaning cloth for the kitchen or bathroom made with 100% natural wood fibre. Mabu simply feels wonderful; its special 8 layer design creates a soft, thick, touchable cloth.

Product Notes:

Both bacteria and stain resistant, Mabu Multi Cloth features a cleverly engineered weaving of eight layers which holds bacteria, stains, debris, and dirt in suspension until you simply rinse it under a tap, which leaves it fresh, clean, and sparkling white.

- Mabu's unique woven fabric won't trap food particles and other debris that stay moist and can incubate germs and foul odours. This never happens with the long-lasting Mabu design.

- Mabu is stiffened for packaging with a harmless edible starch that washes out with the first rinse.

- Mabu cleans and dries in one stroke - you can use soap and cleaners, but most of the time the Mabu cloth performs best with plain water.

Naming Note: Mabu cloths are sold as Duzi cloths in some markets.

Video Transcription

Gary: Hi, my name's Gary Garrison, and we're here today to show you a great and new exciting product which we call Mabu, which is our kitchen and bath multi-cloth. Now, you might be saying, "Well, why do we need another multi-cloth? We have cotton cloths and poly-cloths and sponges." The reason is because this new product is not only a 100% green product, but it's a bacteria-resistant product that when you rinse it out it's 99.99% bacteria-free.

How we do this, it's really, really cool -- how this cloth is made. The cloth is made out of 100% wood pulp waste product, but the technology doesn't stop there. This cloth is actually eight layers deep. The eight-layer design actually comes from a sushi-master cloth design that's been used for centuries to be used in sushi kitchens where they're cutting raw fish.

When the Mabu cloth comes to your home and you remove it from the package, you're going to see it's kind of stiff, and it feels like it's been pressed. That's because the product is actually starched with 100% natural tapioca product so that it comes clean and crisp to your home. All you simply do is take the Mabu cloth, rinse it under some cold or warm water, and you'll see how soft and cuddly this cloth actually comes out.

When the cloth is over, you can simply put it in the garbage, put it in a compost pile, and the natural wood product will totally disintegrate within eight to twelve weeks.

The most remarkable thing is how this cloth removes bacteria, then once it's rinsed it becomes 99.99% bacteria-free. Other products you use in your kitchen and bath, such as scrubbies, sponges, poly or cotton cloths, only rinse to about 30% bacteria-free. With the remaining bacteria that's on this product, the cloth and the sponges will start getting a sour smell. You will never have that sour smell with a Mabu cloth.

To show our point, what we have done is we've actually worked with a lab in our area here that has made up a bacteria that is a luminescent when we turn the lights down. We've taken this bacteria and we've actually mixed it with an agitator. Now we put the agitator and the bacteria down. We'll spread this around, and it'll kind of look like if you just cut some chicken or beef or possibly fish on your countertop. We're going to take the black light, and look how that agitator just jumps right out at you with the bacteria in it. We're going to take the Mabu cloth, take one sweep, two sweeps. We'll take the black light, and now you can see the bacteria in the agitator is removed, and that's without the use of harmful chemicals.

Back at the sink now with the Mabu product, and what we've done is -- I've shown you how the Mabu cloth wipes up so well, but now I've taken a Mabu cloth and I've put it on the bottom of our sink. You can see its position, and here I have the bacteria and activator to dramatize how this cloth rinses through. I'm going to take some of the bacteria activator, put it right on the cloth, and you can see I have it right here, right in the centre of the cloth.

Remember, the wood fibre alone is naturally bacteria-free, but the eight layers of product and the way this is designed traps the bacteria, then actually lets it rinse through. Now, under the black light you can see how the bacteria shows up so well. Simple tap water with our sprayer -- watch the removal of the bacteria. Look at the bacteria go down the drain, the whole cloth still under black light, no bacteria residual, all the way down. Great product.

Andrea: Hi, I'm Andrea Pastori, and I'm here to share with you a little bit about the Mabu cloth. Basically, I'm going to tell you why I am in love with this cloth: it does the job of so many other products. I love the fact that it's environmentally safe for my family. I don't have to worry about germs that get away. I use them all over the house, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. It's also so soft that you can even use this on the children for personal health. And it smells so fresh every time.


Made from 100% Natural Wood Fibre.

Suggested Usage:

Cleaning Your Mabu: After every use, rinsing out the Mabu under water removes the contaminants that could otherwise incubate bacteria and foul odors, to remove sour dish cloth odors.

Any discoloration usually disappears with a short soak in detergent water.

Wring out and hang, or lay flat to dry in a well ventilated place; the Mabu stays soft, clean and white.

For convenience, a Mabu Multi Cloths can also be run through a washing machine, but it may shrink moderately and wear faster.

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