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Maiga Pure Cocoa Butter

Maiga - Pure Cocoa Butter

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Info: Available in 4g stick or 118 ml (4 oz) Jar

Cocoa butter, derived from cocoa beans, is a stable fat that remains solid at room temperature but melts at body temperature. This quality makes it excellent for absorption into the skin, which is enriched and hydrated by this smooth, silky luxury of nature. Rich in antioxidants, and in vitamins A, E, and C, cocoa butter provides a nutrient shield for the skin. It is often used to bring new resilience to skin affected by wrinkles, stretch marks, and other scarring.

Product Notes:

For body moisturizing, anti-aging, and anti-stretch marks.
  • Moisturizes and softens dry skin and hands.
  • Helps to keep the skin very soft and smooth.
  • Prevents and reduces blemishes and scars, and helps to even out skin tone.
  • Penetrates deep into the skin and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • Protects and shields the skin from harmful environmental factors.


100% pure cocoa butter.

Suggested Usage:

Warm it up into your hand, and massage it directly into your skin. Use twice a day for best results.

Product Options:
4g (0.14 oz) Lip Balm Stick - $5.99 - UPC: 702142151731
118 ml (4 oz) Jar - $14.99 - UPC: 608729353522