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Maiga Organic Neem & Shea Oil
30 ml bottle of Maiga Organic Neem & Shea Oil

Maiga - Organic Neem & Shea Oil

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Info: 30 ml Bottle

Made popular for its incredible health and beauty properties, neem oil can work for a number of skin conditions, including acne. By pairing neem oil with shea oil, Maiga Neem & Shea Oil helps create a more complete formula to improve the look of skin.

Product Notes:

Containing a compound that's similar to aspirin, neem oil can remove acne-causing bacteria from the skin when it's applied to it, and also contains fatty acids which can help prevent scarring from acne. Neem oil may also work as an anti-fungal and be able to relieve eczema symptoms. It may even fight the signs of aging, since the natural carotenoids in it protect the skin from the damaging free radicals which are the root cause of the aging signs.


Pure Neem Oil, Shea Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Peppermint Oil. (All Organic.)

Suggested Usage:

Shake well and then apply a few drops on the affected areas. Massage it into the skin.


For external use only: best not to ingest.

UPC Code: 0614019982303