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Info: Various Types as Granules or Whole Leaves

The Maine Coast Sea Vegetables company offers USDA certified organic ingredients to bring you a versatile and nutrient packed punch to add to salads, soups, meats and more.

Info: Various Types as Granules or Whole Leaves

The Maine Coast Sea Vegetables company offers USDA certified organic ingredients to bring you a versatile and nutrient packed punch to add to salads, soups, meats and more.

Product Notes:

Bags of Kelp and Dulse leaves

Sea Seasonings - Low Sodium Salt Alternatives from Kelp & Dulse

Kelp is naturally high in iodine (a full 3g teaspoon would provide 970% of your daily need!), which is extremely important, as it's hard to come by in the diet. Iodine deficiency has been linked to a number of chronic conditions and is a major contributor to low thyroid and the issues that come with that. Similarly, Dulse is a great source of iodine, too, and also supplies minerals and B-vitamins.

You can choose here between two types of dehydrated Kelp or Dulse products: as granules in 28 g shakers to use as seasoning; or in whole leaves to use in soup stocks or stir-fries, or to be pan-fried as for chips (for the kelp), or even just be eaten straight out of the 56 g resealable bags as a snack (for the Dulse). There is also a 26 g shaker of Triple Blend Flakes available, which combines the zingy flavoured of dulse with the sharper tasting sea lettuce and nutty laver (wild nori).

Tired of the same old vegetable fare? Want to spruce up your salads or sandwiches, or expand your palate? Or do you have trouble finding nutritious vegetables where you live which aren't spoiled by the time you get them or don't just come out of a can? Then try Sea Vegetables: in soups, salads, stir fries, as a garnish, or even straight out of the bag as a snack (for the dulse leaves).


Kelp is a very nutritious form of seaweed, which is fabulously rich in iodine, and has many minerals and B vitamins. When it's raw or dried at a low temperature like this, it makes a great complement to other foods because has active enzymes which enhance the flavour and tenderize other proteins -- making it a smart addition to cooking soups or chili or other dishes containing beans.

Kelp is generally too chewy for most people as-is, so depending on what you plan to do with it, you can either soak it for an hour, or marinade it overnight, or roast it in the oven or on a skillet. (There are directions on the package).


Dulse has a rich red colour, and its whole leaves are soft and chewy, with a distinctive taste, and don't require any presoaking or cooking (although it's quite zesty when fried), so it's no wonder it's the Maine Coast Sea Vegetables company's most popular sea vegetable. It, too, is a great source of iodine and supplies minerals and B-vitamins. And when you use either dulse or kelp in your dishes, you'll find you won't need to add as much salt, since they provide that flavour, too, with just a fraction of the sodium content.

Both these types are certified organic; their whole leaves become a few inches around like a tree leaf when it is reconstituted, particularly the kelp. Dulse is also available as flakes.


Seasonings: These delicious granules are a wonderful alternative to salt and are quite low in sodium (just 105 mg per teaspoon, compared to 2,300 for regular table salt). Kelp's great history of health benefits (including the ability to absorb and eliminate heavy metal contaminants from our bodies) make this not only a fantastic salt alternative, but also a highly recommended addition to any diet.

You can get this low sodium alternative seasoner either with kelp alone, or with kelp blended with a bit cayenne (to provide a taste of pepper at the same time). [We formerly carried Organic Kelp With Cayenne Granules (034529123704); please contact us if you would like it brought in as a special order.]

Alternatively, you can try a different sort of seaweed as a seasoner: Dulse, which provides 220% of one's daily iodine requirement per 2g teaspoon, and even less sodium (just 35 mg per tsp), with a little more iron than kelp, but less of some other minerals. You get 50% more volume for the same weight and price.

Finally, a colourful Triple Blend of mix of red dulse, black laver and green sea lettuce flakes is also available, to provide the salty taste without much sodium, and with extra nutrients like iodine and minerals.

Pure Kelp: Organic Raw Kelp (Alaria esculenta and Ascophyllum nodosum)

Blended Kelp and Cayenne: Organic Raw Kelp (Alaria esculenta and Ascophyllum nodosum) and Organic Cayenne. (Not currently available.)

Organic Raw Dulse: Palmaria palmata.

Triple Blend: Organic Raw Dulse (Palmaria palmata), Organic Raw Laver (Porphyra umbilicalis), Organic Raw Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca).

Sea Vegetables:

Wild Atlantic Kelp: Low temperature dried Organic Kelp (Saccharina latissima) (formerly known as Laminaria longicruris, and also known as "Wild Atlantic Kombu" due to its similarity to Japanese Kombu)

Wild Atlantic Dulse: Low temperature dried Organic Dulse (Palmaria palmata)

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Organic Kelp Granules, 43g Shaker - $11.99 - UPC: 034529123735
Organic Dulse Granules, 43g Shaker - $11.99 - UPC: 034529123728
56g Whole Leaf Wild Atlantic Kelp - $16.99 - UPC: 034529123636
56g Whole Leaf Wild Atlantic Dulse - $19.99 - UPC: 034529123629
Triple Blend Flakes, 28g Shaker - $11.99 - UPC: 034529123711
Wild Atlantic Dulse Flakes (113g, 4oz) - $26.99 - UPC: 034529123650