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Relaxus - Massage Tappers

Relaxus - Massage Tappers

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Info: 2 Body Tappers

The massage classic. These body tappers offer strong, resonating massage, which can improve circulation, loosen muscle knots, relieve tension, stress, and tension-related headaches, and are even said to be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Product Notes:

The large (2-1/4 diameter) rubber ball tapper is attached to a 9-inch long handle which has both a 5-inch long round rigid part to hold it, and a 4-inch long, flexible flat stem in-between, which will bend as you rhythmically 'drum' with it, whether on someone else (to relieve the fatigue in your hands and arms from other techniques) or on your own thighs.

Suggested Usage:

Use as percussive mallets to gently tap on the body to massage, stimulate, and relieve body stress.

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