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MOOM Organic Eyebrow Shaping Kit

MOOM - Organic Hair Removal Kits & Refills

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Info: Eyebrow Shaping Kits or 170g Jar of Tea Tree Oil Hair Remover

With their high-calibre, spa-worthy line of organic products, MOOM Organic Hair Removal kits and components provide long-lasting gentle hair removal for both coarse and fine hair, using a glaze-like concoction that combines the painlessness of sugaring with the effectiveness of waxing in a gentler yet more effective, unique formula.

Info: Eyebrow Shaping Kits or 170g Jar of Tea Tree Oil Hair Remover

With their high-calibre, spa-worthy line of organic products, MOOM Organic Hair Removal kits and components provide long-lasting gentle hair removal for both coarse and fine hair, using a glaze-like concoction that combines the painlessness of sugaring with the effectiveness of waxing in a gentler yet more effective, unique formula.

Product Notes:

Each of the larger kits includes 6 oz of hair remover, 18 fabric removal strips (12 for the body; 6 for face), 4 wooden applicators, and an instruction booklet. You can also purchase the Classic Formula here separately (in two sizes); or a larger set of Fabric Strips the formula is applied onto; or a smaller kit for doing select areas such as the eyebrows; or two types of Express kits with pre-soaked, ready-to-use strips.

MOOM's system removes hair at the root for long-lasting results, delaying hair re-growth for up to two months. The hair then grows in thinner and sparser, making this an excellent hair removal option, requiring less effort long-term. MOOM's water soluble, hypo-allergenic formula contains carefully selected, high-quality organic ingredients, selected for their skin nourishing, and effective properties, leaving skin free from residue with minimal cleanup necessary.

MOOM Organic Hair Removal bests outdated, environmentally unhealthy methods of hair removal. Shaving and depilatory creams are not the answer for hair removal since they only cut the hair at the surface of the skin, causing the hair to grow back quickly and coarsely, and add waste and toxic chemicals back into the environment. Traditional waxing removes the hair from the root, but also damages the skin and is extremely painful. With waxing, you need pre/post treatment lotions to repair the damage done to the skin. Conventional sugaring is much gentler than waxing but lacks effectiveness in removing all types of hair from the root. Need any more reasons to get MOOM-ing? Please see the video or read its transcript, below.

Box of 48 Premium Fabric Strips

The two components of the main system are of course the hair-removal solution, whose original classic formula is produced in two sizes, and the Premium Fabric Strips, which come in the larger kits. Designed for use with the MOOM hair remover solutions, these reusable fabric strips are made out of top-quality poly-cotton, and feature a weave that allows for maximum possible hair removal. Tested against different combinations of materials and weaves, these highly effective removal strips clean easily; requiring only a rinse with warm water and are hung to air-dry.

Alternatively, if it's only a small area like your eyebrows that you want to shape or remove unsightly or unwanted hairs from, MOOM offers the Organic Eyebrow Shaping Kit, to get long-lasting results like you'd get from a beauty spa, right at home. It comes with a solution of pure, certified organic, gentle ingredients like pomegranate oil which can gently remove the whole hair with its root, so it won't reappear for weeks; it works on either fine or coarse hair. The solution comes in a tube with a precision tip nozzle so you can carefully control how much you put onto the applicator sticks to dab onto the area, along with twelve washable and reusable fabric strips to place over the area to help the surrounding skin while it works, so there is no need for pre- or post-treatment lotions.

Video Transcription

Thank you for choosing MOOM. MOOM uses a process called "glazing." Glazing uses a super-thin layer of Moom to effectively remove unwanted body hair. Glazing is so gentle to your skin, because MOOM only adheres to your hair, not to your skin. In this video you'll learn how to MOOM your legs, your underarms, your upper lip and bikini area.

To start mooming, wash and dry your skin completely before application to remove any makeup, oils or lotions. Warm MOOM to a honey consistency by placing the open jar of moom in the centre of your microwave unit, and heating it for ten seconds at a time, and you can keep stirring MOOM to get the uniform temperature, and it should be honey-like consistency.

MOOM should not be hot at all, just warm enough to spread. For a longer mooming session, you can use a simple water bath to keep Moom just above room temperature. Here's the MOOM secret to soft, smooth, sexy legs.

Following the direction of hair growth, apply a paper-thin layer of MOOM on the area. Unlike wax, the thinner the layer, the better the results. You can use the edge of your applicator to scrape any excess off. Place MOOM fabric strip on top, leaving the end of the strip free for a firm grip, rub your hand over the strip rapidly a few times so it adheres well. Keeping the strip as close and parallel to the skin as possible, zip off the fabric quickly in the opposite direction.

When you are done, MOOM is water soluble and easily cleans off with a wash cloth and warm water. As you continue to use MOOM over time, your hair regrowth will be finer and finer and more sparse, leaving your legs soft, smooth, and silky.

The MOOM Secret for Underarms

To effectively MOOM your underarm, divide the underarm into two sections. Usually, the underarm hair grows in two different directions. Work only on half of the area at a time. Starting from the centre, spread MOOM downwards, evenly and thinly, in the direction of the hair growth. Apply Moom in a very thin layer, place one of these large strips on top, rub it a few times, pull the opposite way. MOOM gently removes the hair at its root. Repeat for the upper section as well. Start from the centre, apply a very thin layer upwards, place the fabric on top, rub, and then pull the opposite way.

If you've shaved before, the hairs will grow in many different directions, so make sure you follow the direction of the hair growth. MOOM will gently remove the hair and the root as well.

The MOOM Secret: Upper Lip

To effectively MOOM your upper lip, wash and dry skin complete before application to remove any makeup or lotions. Divide the upper lip in five sections. Do not MOOM the entire area in one application. Start with section one, following the direction of hair growth, apply a thin layer of MOOM to the skin. Place the strip on top, rub rapidly a few times, and remove the strip the opposite way. To help keep the strip taut for the upper lip area, it is helpful to keep lips taut over teeth, or push your tongue against the inside of your lip in the area you're Mooming. When done, repeat for all sections for the upper lip.

For those coarse stray hairs on the face, apply MOOM at room temperature. You don't need to heat MOOM. Take a glob, apply it on the hair and totally immerse it in MOOM. Rub the fabric strip on top, and pull the opposite way.

The MOOM Secret: Bikini Area

So, for the bikini area, you need to trim the hairs back to about a quarter of an inch. Open your leg outward to stretch the skin, apply a paper-thin layer of MOOM, following the direction of the hair growth, place the fabric strip on top, rub it a few times, pull the skin taut with your other hand, and pull the strip in the opposite direction.

Since MOOM fabric strips are washable and reusable for years and years, after Mooming, simply rinse them under warm water, and lay them on a flat surface to dry. After you're done, make sure you replace the lid of your jar of MOOM to preserve the consistency. Be sure no water or humidity enters your jar of MOOM.

Glazing with MOOM is the most effective, pain-free way to get soft, smooth, silky skin. By using 100% organic ingredients, MOOM nourishes your skin as it removes the hair, and because Moom pulls the hair from the root, smooth skin lasts up to eight weeks. The more you MOOM, the less you have to MOOM.


The Organic Eyebrow Shaping Kit contains:

- 12 washable/reusable fabric strips
- 18 g (6oz) of Organic Hair Removal Solution, in a tube with precision tip
- 4 wooden eyebrow shaping applicators
- Easy to follow Instruction sheet
The Solution in this eyebrow kit contains: Organic Cane Sugar (Sucrose), Organic Chamomile Tea (Anthemis nobilis flower water), Organic Lemon Juice (Citrus limonum), Organic Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), and Organic Pomegranate Oil (Punica granatum).

Organic Hair Removal Kit with Classic Tea Tree Solution: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Chamomile Tea, Organic Lemon Juice and Organic Tea Tree Oil.

Organic Hair Removal Kit with Lavender, Spa Formula: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Chamomile Tea, Organic Lemon Juice and Organic Lavender.

Suggested Usage:

Express Pre-Waxed Strips: Read enclosed instructions for more detail, but there are two simple steps to hair-free areas: 1 Press strips onto area where you want to remove hair then pull off against the direction of hair growth. 2) Follow by applying the soothing finishing oil to skin for removal of wax residue from skin and added moisturization.

Classic Organic Hair Removal Kits: Follow included instructions for best results. MOOM's organic formula is easy to use, warmed using a microwave or carefully immersing in water. The reusable fabric strips are an environmentally friendly way to enjoy this do-it-yourself spa quality treatment; a one-time investment, the strips require only rinsing and air-drying before they can be used again and again – the high quality material lasts for years.

Premium Fabric Strips: Use the larger reusable strips for hair removal anywhere on the body, and the smaller strips for the face. After using with the MOOM hair remover of your choice, clean the fabric strips by using warm water to rinse and hang to air dry.
Caution: Do not launder these strips with a washing machine or dryer.


Do not heat solutions over 110F/40C – serious injury could result.

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Organic Eyebrow Shaping Kit - $12.49 - UPC: 774049900095
170g Jar of Tea Tree Oil Hair Remover - $17.49 - UPC: 774049999921